Monday, June 20, 2016


Dear Conservatives,
Currently featured on the Drudge Report is a Media Research Center study that reveals some amazing numbers from the media.
From January 1 through June 7 of this year, our analysts reviewed every evening news program that took place on ABC, CBS, and NBC. Approximately one quarter (26.1%) of all their shows were dedicated to the presidential campaign, but the real shock is what topics they actually covered.
So far in 2016, ABC, CBS, and NBC have allotted 432 minutes to discussing scandals and controversies regarding Donald Trump, while allotting just 105 minutes to Hillary Clinton’s scandals and controversies!

With the FBI investigating her use of a private email server as Secretary of State – plus the scandals surrounding The Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, and others – it’s not like there is nothing to talk about. There’s just a general lack of interest in stories that might hurt Hillary Clinton!
Does anyone actually believe that Donald Trump is involved in four times as many controversies as Hillary Clinton? Or that his controversies are more serious than hers? Of course not. This is just the latest example of deliberate liberal bias by the media.
The media should be ashamed of themselves, as they try to rig this election and advance their left-wing agenda.
For example, the three networks dedicated a combined 121 seconds to the serious questions surrounding The Clinton Foundation – where the funding comes from, connections to favorable decisions by the State Department, etc. By comparison, the networks have covered the Trump University and its civil lawsuit for more than 14 minutes during the same period!
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