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From: Dave Bertrand...U.N. to train and equip America's Law Enforcement for upcoming threats
I forgot to add this link concerning the Enabling Act during NAZI Germany
From: Lee S Gliddon Jr ...U.N. to train and equip America's Law Enforcement for upcoming threats
UN Demands Bigger, Stronger UN “Police” Force...The United Nations is launching a major push to expand and further empower its UN “police”

From: Rob E...Paul Ryan Is 'Working for the Hillary Campaign' (VIDEO)

From: Jenny...Also, video from Arizona rally…Establishment Republicans Plot Last Ditch Effort to Stop Trump...The "insurgent group" is trying to deny him delegates at the party's convention.

From: Jenny...Sessions: There’s Not Going To Be A Trump Revolt At The Republican Convention  

BJ3: EXCELLENT!!!  Right again...Trump to GOP Leaders- Mind Your Own Business

From: Jenny...Gay Man Urges America to Elect Donald Trump to Fight Radical Islam in Emotional Video  http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/06/17/gay-man-urges-america-to-elect-donald-trump-to-fight-radical-islam-in-emotional-video/

From: Rob E...Anti-Trump Protester Arrested After Trying to Take Police Officer's Gun at Vegas Rally 

Man with gun arrested at Trump rally in The Woodlands, Texas http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=55026

From: sherzieve.....
Anti-Trump protestors OKAY for Convention...receive permits.  Pro-Trump supporters Banned and will be arrested if they attend.  ACLU--of all organizations--file lawsuit for Trump advocates. How terribly far our country has fallen!
From: "cam39470" ..... RNC Permits Issued To Trump Enemies

From: Sher Zieve...
It begins..Buckle up, many of us may soon be in FEMA camps...From: John Rolls...
From: Arden Gifford  From: Cathy Cardoni ..

From: blueislandbobsue.....
Donald Trump Just Dropped This Bombshell About Barack Obama

From: Rob E...Major TV Networks Caught In SHADY Move To Prop Up Hillary Campaign

See all the important info below and please pass on and if you can please act upon.  God Bless and Protect our America.  Definitely, UN should not in anyway be training our Law enforcement....see this info below.  May God' mercy flow.


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From: Dave Hollenbeck...New Trump ad---Video ... 

BJ3...By the way, do remember where you heard it first that the “Hillary up” polls were bogus. She was first cited as 15 up...by the paid-off big boys. We said, nonsense.  Our panels still had Trump at +10 (if not plus a slight spike). Then it was suddenly +.2 Trump.  Then it was Hillary +7. Our panels still had Trump at +10.  Then it was +5 Trump (at least).
   So Folks, don’t let the phony numbers get to you, especially if on that lousy FAUX (except for Lou Dobbs and sometimes Hannity). That said, Trump’s responses to O’Lielly a couple of times did make us say, “Oh, no”.  He needs to stop that.
BJ3: THX, Sher...great timing...From: sherzieve...
Excerpt..."Based on the full range of liberal biases present, a reasonable estimate of Trump's actual lead over Clinton is in the range of at least 5% once the polling data is corrected.

BJ3: THX Char, thx Jim....more confirmation...From: charlite...Thanks to Jim O'Neill...MARSHALL REPORT - Media Polls Deliberately LYING about Trump's support...
BJ3: Gee, Chris, ain’t it sumptin’ that, according to you, Trump never said anything right....You snide, slithering snake.
From: Jenny...Watch: Sen. Jeff Sessions Destroys Chris Wallace

From: Devvy...Paul Ryan in bed with Obama, again http://devvy.net/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/r/alerts/188556005704/bobjen3/optimum.net/

From: audree lynn...
First, Happy Father's Day to the gentlemen on my list. 
Double WOW.  Was so stirred found an, azlithewring snake.other wonderful video as Captain Clay Higgins announces he’s running for Congress.  There are some wonderful comments but these stick out:  “We are not divided by race in the eyes of God, that was man made…”  and he called out to the homeless, the broken, the lost he said, “You are not forgotten, I’m a coming!” https://youtu.be/NV6PxXKJH9c    
From:  John...There is a video in the site that didn't show so have given you the URL link. This man is running for Congress and folks, we need more like him!!!  Should be... America United – “You are That Force” !   By Capt. Higgins: America United...…”if you can’t even set aside hate long enough for truth to speak to your heart, then by all means – step aside child, and let the adults work”…https://youtu.be/fCo4xJynCZ8
BJ3: Yep, Senator America nails it again...From: Jenny  Sessions: ‘You Don’t Have a Constitutional Right to Come to America’  http://www.breitbart.com/video/2016/06/19/sessions-you-dont-have-a-constitutional-right-to-come-to-america/
From: Jenny...Foreigners Gather in Droves at Border to Illegally Enter U.S.

From: Jenny...Six Diseases Return To US as Migration Advocates Celebrate ‘World Refugee Day’ Until recently, most Americans believed these diseases were gone from our shores for good.
From: Dave Bertrand...It's only "racist" when Trump says it...Information Liberation | Chris Menahan - June 9, 2016......Shocking video shows Hillary Clinton calling for deportations and the building of a “physical barrier” to keep Mexicans out of the US.  Hillary is seen arguing the policies of Mexico are “pushing migration north across our border” and says the US needs to “secure our borders” with “physical barriers,” implement “tougher employer sanctions” for hiring illegals and “deport” those who’ve “committed transgressions.”The video was taken from a speech Clinton gave to the Council on Foreign Relations in 2006The video is noteworthy because according to Clinton and her cronies, Trump is “racist” for advocating much the same policies. Clinton has since “evolved” her positions to support mass amnesty, ending deportations and opening Obamacare to illegals...
Hillary in 2006: US Needs “Physical Barrier” to Keep Mexicans Out

BJ3: So let's see if we got this right: A likely Christian soldier cannot mention “God”, But a Muslim can say “Allah” which the government no calls “God”. Is that about right?
Exclusive Video: Veteran Forcibly Dragged from Air Force Ceremony for Mentioning God

From: sherzieve...
Yet, another horror with which to contend.  The USA is increasingly becoming a cross between Nazi Germany and the old Communist USSR...From: "John Rolls"
BJ3: Yep, very much like many city councils nationawide....”First, Be anti-resident”...From: Jenny...
Must watch video - useless “council members”…Seems they don’t like to address citizen’s concerns or are “unaware” of issues…sounds familiar?
Report: Three Syrian “Refugees” Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint in Idaho... Furious residents accuse council of cover-up.  

From: Dave Bertrand  From: Pastor Lee..IS THEIR A TIE-IN TO ORLANDO AND CALIFORNIA SHOOTING PLOT? http://conpats.blogspot.com/2016/06/is-their-tie-in-to-orlando-and.html

BJ3: And then hours later (Savage said they must have heard him), she reversed her position (sort of), She needs to go.
From: Jenny...Loretta Lynch: ‘Islam,’ ‘ISIS’ to be Scrubbed from Orlando 911 Tapes

From: pat t...
From: Marje...RE "Taqiiya!"...
Let us not "fall into" the lie of Orlando!  There is copious proof of this whole Pulse Bar fiasco being a False Flag.  The shooter is a proven crisis actor!  There are many excellent videos on line showing positive "proof" of this Orlando deal being a hoax!  All was done for the sake of getting our guns, which you undoubtedly know.  Note how the father didn't know his son was radicalized (oh, sure!  He ran for president of Afghanistan!) .. and funny how the police took "two hours" before they charged the shooter! (it took 2 hours to strategise) Notice how even the news media doesn't show 50 bodies being taken to hospitals . . . and if you search the "burden of proof" videos, you will see victims being carried by others, only to stand up and "walk" suddenly, when they thought nobody was looking!  So since we aim to tell the truth, we need to be telling the real story about Orlando to America.  This was another Sandy Hook, where absolutely nobody was killed!  Nobody!  The same holds true here!  And, also, note how the wife of the shooter, "Noor" suddenly can't be found anywhere!  Of course not!  Today, the Luiferians are getting very sloppy about their False Flags.  They need to know early on, even with the lying media's help, that America is fully aware of this obnoxious Orlando lie created to promote fear (as usual) in the hearts of the American people! They pay these people, who participate in these events, excellent sums of money!  Some are given mortgage-free homes in brand new areas after completing the assignment.  This was done with many of the people complicit in Sandy Hook!  How can these participants live with themselves?  They consider deception a job, I guess .. . and they sleep soundly at night after a good paycheck.  Thanks so much for publishing "Taqiiya!"  (no link)
From: charlite...
Of COURSE! - two armies: One from Mexico, central and south America AND Islamists from the ME. He began this process as soon as he was inaugurated the first time, and the pace has been accelerating during his final year. Imagine what these two armies will look like by Nov 8 of this year?..............or by January 20, 2017? Will America AS WE KNOW IT..........still exist? This is gravely concerning. Using a clock analogy, I'd say that we're now - entering summer 2016 - at 11 hours 59 minutes. Using a common phrase for all besieged people, CAN THE CENTER HOLD???????  - and if you think 'YES' - then ask yourself where the 'center' actually is as America is under extreme assault from all sides. Where IS our powerful center of RESISTENCE?!!

Top imam says beating wives only way to control them

From: sherzieve...Can't believe it!  Leftist Variety using the term "Islamist" after Obama warned his hordes not to do so?
Radiohead Listening Party in Istanbul Attacked by Islamists
From: Kathy Hawkins..."GUN CONTROL is TREASON - EVIDENCE"
From: Jean Rice...Great article below.  Please pass it on.   – Jean...Read this twice! It's that good!!
A TALE OF TWO OBITUARIES http://www.burtprelutsky.us/

BJ3: When there’s no way to factually win an argument, always go the “racist” ad hominem.
From: sherzieve....
Another product of the dumbing down of America...From: "doug walk"
(No comment, none needed, make your own) !!! 
Louisiana Lawmaker: Declaration of Independence is Racist | Fix This Nation .com

From: Kirk MacKenzie...

July 4th Bonus...
From: Rob E...
Randy Quaid to American People on Independence Day 2016


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