Tuesday, June 21, 2016


by Lee S Gliddon Jr

People of the world have a choice to make.

Are they for: One World Religion or death? Are they for personal hygiene or for wiping their bums with their hands? Are they for simulating face washes with dirt? Are they for eating meat where the animal was all but tortured to death to realize it's death? Are they for dining out in a restaurant that has a staff that does not wash their hands no the implements provided their diners for eating?

Are they for mutilating of girls by cutting off their clitoris with unwashed razor blades? Are they for disallowing educating of females? Are they for disallowing medical treatment  for females? Are they for abuse, mutilation, marital rape and denial of all rights of females enjoyed by males?  Are they for allowing males to get sexual pleasures at the expense of females who are denied such pleasures?

Are they for cutting hands off of thieves, cutting out the tongues  of any that speak out against such injustice? Are they for stoning women for adultery or some imagined wrong? Are they for throwing homosexuals off of tall buildings. Are they for lashing men or women for supposed wrongdoings?

Are they for allowing young boys to be used sexually by men and excusing it as a right instead of pedophilia?

Are they for 'honor killings' for imagined wrongs by girls? 

I could go on and on, but suffice it to be said, 'this must not be.'

The 'Choice' to be made is to evolve by seeing and understanding that God, not Allah, has allowed us to create medicines, methods of hygiene, humane animal killing tactics, and accepting women as equals. God has also allowed us to make laws, form punishments for wrongdoers, and for understanding differences among mankind.

The real 'Choice' is to live in the 21st century or in the 1st century and divest ourselves of everything gained and live like desert nomads.

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  1. William Homolka comments: Lee, these people, without mentioning names, are humanity's underclass. Mentally backward savages. The only "choice" is to send them back to their sandboxes so they don't bother us, or, God forgive me, kill them! The dictators of the Middle East suppressed them, such as Saddam Hussein. George W. started the process of destabilizing the Middle East, turning these crazies loose. Obama & Hillary, et.al. are spreading them around the globe a la UN morons and the globalist cabal with the international banksters. These are the real villains to be destroyed. Putin understands this perfectly. I think that Trump is getting on the program with Putin - that's why the establishment whores are so nervous. War is coming. I just hope that obummer & co. Is arrested before he turns nato on Russia. Pray and work for victory against all of these low class morons so that what is good may once again flourish.