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The most important Nevada race in 2014 isn’t for governor, or secretary of state, or attorney general, or even lieutenant governor.  No, the most important race on the ballot will be between Republican Dan Schwartz and Democrat Kim Wallin for the office of state Treasurer.

Why?  Because that little-known office has everything to do with how the state invests your tax dollars.  Elect a bad treasurer and we could be bankrupt in a heartbeat.  Just ask Orange County!

So you don’t want to miss the live debate between Schwartz and Wallin that will be held on Monday morning, October 13th.  Talk-show host Alan Stock and I will be moderating the discussion in front of a live audience at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas.  The debate will run from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. and will be simulcast on KDWN 720 AM radio.

Schwartz is a private businessman and financial investor.  Wallin is a CPA and the incumbent state Controller.  Join us on the 13th and find out why each believes they should be Nevada’s next chief financial officer.


Nevada U.S. Sen. Dean Heller has been mentioned as the possible next head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) which will be in charge of recruiting and funding candidates for the 2016 election cycle. 

It should be noted that the last Nevadan to head that committee was former Sen. John “Pants on the Ground” Ensign – who proceeded to lose a multitude of seats in 2008, thus making Harry Reid the Majority Leader. 

To be fair, though, Ensign was just the front man.  The “brains” behind that magnificent disaster was Nevada political consultant Mike Slanker – the guy phoning in Gov. Brian Sandoval’s non-race campaign.  

Slanker is also a consultant to Heller. 

Uh-oh.  Anyone else sensing a little déjà vu all over again?


--> I took the opportunity to take the kids to see “Gone with the Wind” at the big-screen theater at Santa Fe Station last weekend.  Still one of the best movies ever made.  And definitely qualifies as a Civil War lesson for homeschoolers!

Best lesson was taught early in the movie, when the conflict was characterized as the federal government telling the southern states that had no right to secede from the Union.  Somehow that crucial aspect usually gets lost in the hoary talk about slavery.

--> Yeah, I know this will probably get me in hot water – what else is new? – but was Obama’s Secret Service Director Julia Pierson an affirmative action hire?  I mean, was she really the best person for the job…or just the best woman for the job?

--> Yet another court ruling, this one in Oklahoma, not only dealt another blow to ObamaCare, but again highlights the horrible judgment exercised by Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and his pro bono attorney, Mark Hutchison, when they decided to quit fighting ObamaCare and instead create Nevada’s own state-run ObamaCare exchange, which itself has been a complete disaster.  Click here

--> If you don’t know who Dr. Ben Carson – “now firmly established as a superstar among conservatives across America” - is, click here.  If you haven’t signed the petition urging Dr. Carson to run for the GOP nomination for president in 2016, click here.

--> More on Clark County GOP Chairman Dave for Himself McKeon’s embarrassing voter registration program. 

According to my source who looked into it, of the 64 voter registration applications turned in by the party from January 3 thru September 14th, “three of them changed from Republican to Democrat, two changed from Republican to IAP and one changed from Republican to Libertarian.”

So one out of every ten people the CCRP helped register to vote were people they actually helped LEAVE the party!  Heckuva job, Dave.

--> Question: Why should Las Vegas residents have tax money taken away from neighborhood parks and recreation centers and give it to developers to build a soccer stadium downtown?  Especially in this economy.  Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


“(Nevada Gov. Brian) Sandoval has long been the subject of vice-presidential chatter, but he’s pro-choice and has approved or supported some tax increases, tainting him in the eyes of many conservative Republicans, said Chuck Muth, a former executive director of the Nevada GOP.” – Steve Friess, Al Jazeera America, 10/1/14

“Its’ going to be much more difficult to get Democrats to the polls even with the Reid machine just because this is the most boring election in the history of Nevada.” – Reporter Ray Hagar, Al Jazeera America, 10/1/14

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