Thursday, October 2, 2014


Paul Chabot Will Fight To Protect American Families! Help This Patriot Bring Real Leadership To Congress!

Paul Chabot is a true American hero who knows what it means to serve his country and defend freedom. A combat veteran, Paul has served bravely as a reserve military intelligence officer in Iraq and as a reserve Deputy Sheriff in California's 31st Congressional District. Now, this patriot is running for Congress to continue serving his community and bring real conservative leadership back to Washington. Paul will fix the broken mess that is Washington and make America the shining city on the hill once again. Please help Paul bring real conservative leadership back to Congress this fall!

With 13 years of military service and 19 years in law enforcement, Paul knows the importance of protecting our borders, maintaining a strong national defense, and helping our veterans when they come home. He will work hard to ensure our armed forces are properly equipped and trained to protect our homeland. And Paul will never turn his back on our veterans - he will honor our national commitment to our veterans.
Paul also knows that even though America is a generous nation, if children can cross our border unchecked, surely terrorists who wish to do us harm can, too. Paul will work to secure our borders, make our home safe, and protect American families. The cost of not securing our borders is too high. Will you help this patriot protect our nation and bring leadership that only a military veteran can?
Paul will not stand by idly as the left's damaging policies continue to hurt American families either. He will fight repeal Obamacare to stop the rising premiums and protect Americans who have lost their insurance plans. He will work to reform our schools and give our children the best education possible. And Paul will fight back against the liberal agenda cutting away at our freedoms. He will defend the constitution and bring conservative principles back to Congress! Will you stand with this patriot as he works to make America the shining city on the hill once again?
As a successful small business owner, Paul knows the best way to help American families is to get them back to work. He will fight to cut the burdensome taxes and regulations that are keeping businesses from hiring qualified Americans, slash out-of-control spending, and corral our unbalanced budget before more American families are hurt. Paul will make common-sense changes to the way Washington does business. This conservative patriot will not stop until American families are back to work and our economy is fully unleashed! Please help this patriot bring real conservative change to Washington this fall!
This hero is giving conservatives a real chance to keep California's 31st District in Republican control. He was outspent 11-to-1 in his primary and came out on top of six other candidates. Paul managed to come out with over 26% of the vote, 9% more than his main Democratic challenger, Pete Aguilar, beating Aguilar by 4 points in his own hometown! This means that just like Reagan, Paul is connecting our Conservative vision with Democrats who are tired of business as usual in Washington and know Paul can make the difference. Will you stand with this patriot as he fights for our freedoms?
Paul will never run from a fight. He will not back down when the going gets tough. He will fight to stop President Obama's broken, dangerous agenda and make this nation great once again. Will you stand by Paul as he works to bring conservative principles back to Washington?
Your support is crucial to win this election! 

Also, checks can be mailed to:
Paul Chabot for Congress
12223 Highland Ave #106-228
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

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