Friday, October 3, 2014


BJ3: As Savage rightly said....the term should be Latino.

Conservatives say that net neutrality equates to government takeover of the Internet

From: Arlen Williams

Congressman Campaigns On Weak “Bipartisan” Support For His Immigration Bill From: Sher.....Suffice it to say, it's Obama's plan to spread the disease and many others throughout the American population.  Maybe when their children start dying because of the demons in the White House people will finally wake up.  Nothing else seems to have worked...From: "John Rolls"
BO Dumped Bush-Era Quarantine Proposal - Regulations Aimed to Prevent Travelers from Spreading Disease - Dr. Jerome R. Corsi

From: Charlite.....Thanks to one of our very dear cyber friends, who shared this with us.    How long before we hear a DIKTAT from the Oval Office that the entire country is on a 'severe medical emergency ALERT' and that due to this crisis, movement and travel will be LIMITED..............for an unspecified period of forever, so that the Soetoro-Holder 'domestic security forces' (black panther units and anti-American 'others') can move into pre-planned strategic locations??  How long until this EO is issued? - I put NOTHING past these rĂ©gime's killers. Obama's Summer Executive Order Allows Apprehension and Detention of "Well Persons" During Time of Outbreak - Minutemen News

From: D. Johnson.....Weather Channel Founder DEBUNKS global warming HOAX!

Santa Barbara Wants $900,000 To Make Streets LESS Safe—More Dangerous

By Stephen Frank
How globalism imperils Americans' lives – Diana West.

From: Savage.....Panicked parents pull children from Texas schools

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