Monday, July 14, 2014


'If They Want to Send in SWAT Teams... Let Them Do It' Way to go AZ...!!!

Townspeople NEED to divide their protestors up into "shifts".
While one shift is at the protest sight watching for the busses, the other shifts do what they normally do BUT are ON CALL to come running when needed.
Scouts should be placed at the various roads to alert the main protestors that arrivals are coming.
The feds can turn our cell phones off real easy so we need reliable communication equipment..!!
Entrances to military bases are off limits to civilians...we have to protest at the BEGINNING of where FEDERAL- military property begins and ends...sheriffs have NO jurisdiction on FEDERAL property to stop vehicles.
Surely someone has a camper, bus, RV etc to keep at the protest sights to shelter protestors when on duty...maybe pull a trailer behind it with first aid, water and etc. supplies..maybe even a porta potty if the scene is out in no man's land-which military bases usually are...having NO public facilities. 
Maybe there is a dealer willing to donate one or two...wouldn't hurt to check it out...after all they too have skin in this game..!!
Diaper bags are great to carry one's personal stuff in..even a folding umbrella will fit in one.
As happened in CA, after the protestors went home, the feds bussed in illegals in the wee hours.  We MUST NOT let this happen again anywhere.  The rest of the USA should remember that these "CHILDREN" will be sent out into various PRIVATE homes in our might be one next to YOUR house.  Remember this affects ALL of get out there and help BLOCK these INVADERS.  Kindly inform the police that they too have skin in this's THEIR health and safety too.
How can they believe this administration's promises to them when they can plainly see ALL promises have been broken...police can NOT rely on ANYTHING they are told by the Feds.  They are in this WITH us and together we have a better chance to win.  They can turn a blind eye to help us and themselves out when necessary...they do it for other instances.  NOW is the time for AMERICANS to STAND UNITED.  
If your state is a carry state, be sure to check with the sheriff who will be in charge if you can carry or not and do as he-she says.
CALL your state Refugee Coordinator on the list VDARE has on it's website...and try to get as much info as possible.   shirl

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