Thursday, May 1, 2014

NEWS WITH VIEWS 05/01/2014

Strictly Personal
BLM is not a law enforcement agency. There is no excuse for any federal bureaucracy to use Stormtrooper tactics to terrorize and jeopardize the lives of American citizens. (In truth, these federal bureaucracies such as the BLM, the federal Department of Education, the USPS, the National Weather Service, NOAA, etc., have no legitimate reason to be armed in the first place.)  There must never again be another Waco or Ruby Ridge in this country. NEVER.......
by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

The Coming Battle
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‘I Believe in God, But—‘
The Global Cooling/Impending Ice Age of the 1970s becomes Global Warming, becomes Climate Change, and so on. Each of these doom scenarios was presented to us as the authoritative word of Science. They don’t have to apologizing for wrongly predicting an ice age because science is always self-correcting. Thus the Great Chain of Being evolves, if I may use the word, into Punctuated Equilibrium and whatever else will come next after P.E. has had its day. Whatever........
by Lee Duigon
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Race Barkers
I am not going to fall into the trap.  I refuse to apologize for LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling.  I refuse to wear the yolk of “racist” that the media is trying to throw over the neck of white Americans.  His beliefs have nothing to do with me.  Permit me to skip the “I am not a racist” confession normally required for a white man to speak to the issue of blackness and race in America.  The constant bellowing of “racist” has worn thin with me.  I think it is time to bark back.........
by Coach Dave Daubenmire

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