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RedState Briefing 04/28/2014

Morning Briefing
For April 28, 2014

Why Primaries Matter
Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who Republicans chose to respond to President Obama’s State of the Union address this year, says Republicans are giving up on Obamacare. They’re going to start tinkering with it instead, thereby setting the stage for it staying around. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

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Taking on Iowa
There are five people running for the U.S. Senate in the Republican Primary in Iowa. Four of the five are real contenders and those four met at the Family Leader’s Senate Forum on Friday night. I had the pleasure of moderating the forum. I hate debates and I made that clear to the candidates. The modern American political debate consists of reporters with a liberal worldview asking gotcha questions to conservatives that, by intention or otherwise, try to put them in a bad light. When the conversation shifts to policy, the candidates try to micro-nuance their agreements to make it sound like they disagree. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

A summation of Peter Lance’s expose of the Lois Capps (D, CA-24) / Raymond Morua scandal
On December 6th, 2013, a young woman named Mallory Dies was hit-and-run by Raymond Morua, who at the time was a valued staffer to Representative Lois Capps (D, California-24).  Ms. Dies would later die of her injuries: Mr. Morua has since pled guilty to “gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and fleeing the scene of the crime.”  As the link above shows, Ms. Dies’ parents are now suing not only Mr. Morua… but also his former employer Rep. Lois Capps,and the federal government in general.  And the reasons for that lawsuit are the subjects of this post. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

Postal Workers Protest Against Staples
In an effort to stop the steady hemorrhage of cash and market share, the management of the US Postal Service has entered into an agreement with the office supply chain, Staples, to allow postal services to be provided by Staples employees at selected Staples locations. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

At Press Conference In Kuala Lumpur, Obama Says Malaysia Has Work To Do On Human Rights ‘Just Like The United States’
At a joint press conference with Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia, Major Garrett asked President Obama why he hadn’t yet discussed human rights on his visit to the nation, and specifically why the President had not yet met with jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. “The fact that I haven’t met with Mr Anwar is not indicative of a lack of concern,” said the President. “There are a lot of people I don’t meet with,” he added. He went on to say that both nations had work to do on human rights. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

Medicaid expansion may be starting to retreat in Virginia
This is a remarkable shift in the polling: “A majority of Virginians oppose using federal Medicaid funds to expand health coverage, according to a new poll that finds public opinion has rapidly soured on Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s top priority. The Wason Center at Christopher Newport University poll found that 53 percent of the state’s voters oppose enrolling more Virginians in the federal-state health program for the poor, a sharp reversal from February, when the center found that 56 percent backed expansion.” The basic problem is that when Terry McAuliffe ran for Governor of Virginia he promised to push Medicaid expansion if it meant starting a budget crisis. McAuliffe got elected: he pushed Medicaid expansion; Virginia is getting ready to have a budget crisis. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

Islamic Cleric Offended By The Mention Of Islam At 9/11 Memorial
We live in strange times. We are at a point where three lesbians can marry. We have articles in the New York Times about the difficulties homosexual couples find in conceiving children (apparently biology is no longer taught in our schools). And we have people objecting to the mention of Islam in a film about 9/11 shown at the September 11 Memorial. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

Mark Udall’s Very Bad Week: Colorado Senate Moved to Toss Up
This week has had a lot of bad news for the campaign of incumbent Colorado Senator, Democrat, strong Obamacare proponent, environmental enthusiast, Mark Udall.  Whether it was news about his PAC giving his campaign money, a CNN analyst predicting his loss, new polling showing the race essentially tied and multiple vulnerabilities for Udall, or the change in the race ranking to toss-up, none of it was good news for the embattled Outward Bound Senator.

Lets unpack this very bad, no good, week for Mark Udall. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

“God” Replaced With “Peace” In Pledge of Allegiance at Madison, Wisconsin High School
“One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

For the past few years, this line in the Pledge of Allegiance has caused an increasing amount of debate among Americans. Despite this debate, 85% of Americans still believe that “under God” should be kept in the Pledge, while only 8% do not. Forget the lawsuits, conflict, and uproar, saying that controversial line at schools daily is still part of the law.

Unfortunately, a Madison, Wisconsin high school has decided to go against that law over the past couple months. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

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