Saturday, April 26, 2014

John McCain crushing voters like ants

Submitted and written by: Donald Hank

A few days ago I received a series of emails from the AZ resident who wrote the email appearing below. The first one said this person and her Marine vet husband were evicted from their home under orders from John McCain, by a sheriff from the office of Joe Arpaio who gave them no more than a day to get their stuff out. There were issues with the Bank of America. Apparently her husband was injured in an accident and unable to pay immediately (not sure about this detail) and they were not given sufficient time to pay before the home was foreclosed.
The problem was so severe that, according to this correspondent, they were forced to flee to the mountains where they now finally feel safe! What an indictment of the land of the free. 

How far we have fallen. How this grieves me as an American with vivid memories of living in a country with law and order.
I had trouble getting the whole story and had to ask for further details such as McCain's supposed motive for having them evicted if indeed he was behind the order. But whether or not he was directly behind this, the fact remains that, as subsequent emails revealed, he would not respond to the justified pleas of the insurance companies to help victims of hit and run accidents caused by illegal aliens and this negligence on the part of him and his fellow elitists is in fact the reason why this Marine was denied the help he needed to pay his mortgage while recovering from his injuries sustained from an accident caused by this criminal alien--who was in fact in this country in large part due to the refrusal of McCain and his ilk to stem the invasion from Mexico. The main issue here is that the same government that portrays illegal immigrants as innocent victims refuses to address the attendant issue of crime and hit and run accidents that plague Americans everywhere but especially in regions with higher than usual illegal alien populations.
McCain is clearly guilty of that gross negligence. It is dereliction of duty. (As a footnote to this, note that most of the politicians who want to flood our country with illegal aliens also seem to want war in other countries that are not a threat to us--war that again would risk the lives and limbs of your beloved children. They are clearly working for dark corporate interests and the interests of a one world government ideology and have no concern whatsoever for the interests of their country).
It seems safe to surmise from the behavior of these elitists that they consider the illegal aliens innocent by virtue of their need to hide from the authorities. Yet FBI stats show that the ethnic group with the highest numbers of drunken driving stats are Mexicans, and and article from Vdare supports this:

Statistics from Austin support the observations of these men:  Of 3,007 drunken driving arrests in 2002, 43 percent involved Hispanic men, even though they comprised only about 11 percent of the city's driving population.
Drunken driving has nothing to do with the inability of undocumented Mexicans to get drivers' licenses. If you were an illegal alien in another country, would you go around driving drunk and thereby putting yourself at risk of getting caught and deported?
There is only one reason the elites of both parties refuse to address this vital issue and that is the belief that they will continue to receive votes from brain dead Americans in perpetuity and therefore don't need to raise a finger to help them. Who's to blame for this gross arrogance?
You the voters are. It needs to stop no matter what it takes.
As long as you think the GOP has the potential to turn a corner and start serving the needs of its constituents without being forced under enormous pressure from voters, this will continue.
You need to do what all abused women are advised to do: separate from the abuser. Of course it is painful. Of course, terrible things can happen under the Democrats. But what can be worse than being held hostage to these monsters in the "conservative" party who flood your country with criminals? Separate from your abuser now by refusing to give one more vote to anyone who fails to promise to end the invasion from Mexico.
I guarantee that if they keep losing elections, they will get the message sooner or later. But you have to stop rolling over like a puppy dog. YOU have all the power. You must learn to use it. Drunk drivers are killing us and our children on the roads. If ICE could just deport every undocumented drunk driver and criminal in the US, they could stop this insanity. But they won't do it because you won't make them do it. You not only think that eventually, the elites will feel your pain but in addition, you feel sorry for the miscreants who are killing and maiming us. Americans' misplaced pity is harming us and our children. Anyone supporting amnesty for illegals and not demanding deportation for at least every single undocumented criminal is as bad as the criminals themselves and their enablers in government. But according to law, everyone who is here illegally is liable for deportation. Yet even those who have been ordered deported in the past and have returned are not being deported. You foolishly believe this is strictly an Obama policy. Yet it is the GOP that clamors loudest for amnesty.

After sending this message to a group of correspondents, I received the following:
Due to the kind of issues my husband and I have dealt with from working so hard to expose the corruption surrounding the real estate/mortgage/title and related industry and the direct involvement with public servants at all levels, I believe this person.  I have also been friends with another person who went through a horrible experience which arose out of a mortgage with Bank of America and who has spent years working with people and a few attorneys and even retired judges. So I have heard a lot of personal stories.  Many were foreclosed and run out with little ceremony and little time and through illegal actions by thugs in public office under the direction of criminal banks and mortgage companies.  Many were subjected to threats and intimidation and even forced to leave belongings behind at gun point which were smashed and stolen in violation of a litany of specific laws.  Many of the people driven out of their homes were subjected to all manner of illegal actions. It certainly does happen, Don.

I deeply respect this couple for pressuring the criminal John McCain and taking the consequences and I encourage them to keep us updated.
Have a nice weekend.
Don Hank

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