Saturday, April 26, 2014

CLASH DAILY 04/26/2014

WHOA: Mom Whups Ass On 12yr. Old Daughter For Semi-Nude Facebook Pics A video showing a mother from Trinidad and Tobago whipping her 12-year-old daughter with a belt for sharing sexually explicit photos of herself on Facebook has gone viral, sparking a national conversation in the island […] ...READ MORE
HEY, NEW YORK TIMES: Bundy’s Black Bodyguard Claims Rancher is NOT Racist Despite a collection of seemingly racist rants about ‘negros,’ slavery and ‘picking cotton,’ not everyone thinks Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is a racist, and one of the people defending the one-time ... READ MORE
shut up Heads Up: Hate Crime Reporting Act–One More Limit on Free Speech This country’s primary foundation was built on freedom. The Founding Fathers deemed freedom so essential to the republic they built that they created the 1st Amendment to ensure that all citizens would forever be able to ...READ MORE
Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 7.57.14 AM WHAT A POS: Deputy Shoots Texas Family’s Farm Dog RAINS COUNTY, Texas — On an 85-acre family farm in Point, Texas, she was a fixture. “If cows were out here, I’d say ‘Candy! Go this way to the right!’” said Cole Middleton, as he […] ...READ MORE
Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 8.06.19 AM TAWDRY TEACHER: Middle School Teacher Gives Student Lap Dance, Says ‘I Love You Baby’ HOUSTON – A middle school teacher has sashayed her way into a lot of trouble after she allegedly gave one of her students a birthday lap dance in front of the entire class. Felicia Smith, […] ...READ MORE
grief Wondering What Harry’s Doing: Free Will and Unintended Consequences There are those who believe that everything happens for a reason – perhaps everything that we live through was planned long before any of us were born. While this thought may bring comfort to some […] ...READ MORE
stevens Bizarre. Something Needs Fixing — Maybe It’s Justice Stevens Justice John Paul Stevens needs fixed and in Iowa we know how to do that. There’s been a lot of talk this spring about nut-cutting in Iowa, so when I hear that a former Supreme […] ...READ MORE
cattle Korean Ferry Tragedy: Compliant Youth Till Dead The nightly news recently showed a video from the doomed South Korean ferry tragedy, where 270 teenagers are now feared dead after the boat they were aboard sank. The video released is of a man […] ...READ MORE
Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.17.53 AM GUN OWNERS: Can You Imagine Going to Jail for Protecting Your Family? Dad/Mom, can you imagine defending your loved ones with deadly force during a home invasion and the court throws you in jail? Ladies, what if you double tapped the center mass of a raping jackass […] ...READ MORE

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