Wednesday, October 30, 2013



Healthcare​.gov = One Big Flop

$363 million of your tax dollars were spent on the web equivalent of a pet rock.

In a desperate attempt to save his socialistic, signature health care legislation, Obama took to the media to blame conservatives and the shutdown for Obamacare's failed launch. But in reality,100% of the responsibility lies with Obama's own executive branch and the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius – the office behind Healthcare​.gov.

Before 2014 arrives, we must rally and support the election of fresh-faced, true Tea Party Heroes. We must replace the 87 traitors in the U.S. Congress before they crumble into Obama's pocket again.

Join the Tea Party Leadership Fund in helping elect the Liberty Posse. We urgently need to send these 5 Tea Party Heroes to the U.S. Senate to end the tyrannical reign of President Obama and king Harry Reid.

Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have joined the battle against Democrat Harry Reid and his Senate majority, but they lost without enough true conservatives to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the fight. They need YOU fighting with them to win the big battles on Obamacare, gun control, Syria and numerous other critical issues.

The bottom line: We need more liberty minded leaders. Paul Broun, Nancy Mace, Rob Maness, and Joe Carr round out the Tea Party Leadership Fund's Liberty Posse.

Facing the last two years of his presidency, Obama needs the government shutdown to turn Americans against conservatives so he can bring back a full liberal majority before he leaves office.

If he succeeds and Democrats hold the Senate and take back the House next year, we're doomed. Regardless of who's elected – liberal Democrats or Republicans-In-Name-Only – policies like Obamacare are stains seeping deeper to rot away our Constitution.

The Tea Party Leadership Funds mission does not stop at holding Congress accountable, or building grass roots support to defeat liberal incumbents.

In fact, the biggest, most crucial role we play is supporting and championing true conservatives in primaries – supporting real tea party heroes going into primaries to do battle with establishment shills. The Tea Party Leadership Fund must find, support, and elect true conservatives.

Here are 5 such candidates, join us in supporting the Liberty Posse.
  • Paul Broun – running for U.S. Senate from Georgia
  • Nancy Mace – running for U.S. Senate from South Carolina
  • Rob Maness – running for U.S. Senate from Louisiana
  • Joe Carr – running for U.S. Senate from Tennessee
Make a donation of $25 right now to make sure the Liberty Posse makes it through their primaries and into office.

Friend, we are counting on the Liberty Posse to join other Tea Party Heroes in the Senate like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee AND work together to restore our nation.

We all know the importance of 2014, but primaries are even more critical! The Tea Party Leadership Fund and the Liberty Posse need your support both on the ground and financially. Step up now and stand along-side them by making a donation of $25, $50 or whatever you can afford.

The big money liberals will do anything to buy their best outcome. This means big Democrat money will pick our candidates!

We can't let that happen!

Please, do all you can to help elect our Tea Party Posse today.

Todd Cefaratti
Citizen Patriot

P.S. Without your efforts on behalf of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul we would have lost these seats to establishment liberals who would be fighting the Tea Party...not advancing it. I need you to make your most generous donation of $20, $50, $100 or more to support our grassroots efforts to elect the Liberty Posse.

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