Friday, October 14, 2011


Help Us Help the Sheriffs in Their Plea for More Federal Support for States & Localities to CLEAR Out Illegal Aliens
Roy BeckNumbersUSA helped host a dozen county sheriffs this week in Washington to make their pleas to Congress and ICE for all sheriffs to get more federal support in battling illegal immigration in their counties.
Their stories of being over-run with transnational drug trafficking, smugglingoperations, Mexican cartels and other immigration-related crime were gripping -- and also enraging that our own federal government is so concerned about helping illegal aliens while showing so little willingness to help the sheriffs.

HERE IS HOW YOU CAN HELP THE SHERIFFS TODAY: Pressure your U.S. Representative to act to get a committee and floor vote on theCLEAR Act (H.R. 100). This act provides a lot of assistance to local, county and state law enforcement when they want to drive the illegal alien population out of their jurisdictions. Go to your customizedNumbersUSA Action Board where you will find a free fax to send to your U.S. Representative. Most of you will find a fax that urges co-sponsorship of the bill. Others will see faxes to the 41 Representatives for already co-sponsoring and asking for pressure on House leadership to bring the bill to the House floor.
NumbersUSA was involved in writing the original CLEAR Act nearly a decade ago. It has always been one of our 5 top legislative priorities -- enabling much more aggressive local and state immigration enforcement.
The beauty of the CLEAR Act is that it basically would require the feds to cooperate whenever a local law enforcement brings illegal aliens to their attention. While it wouldn't stop localities from being sanctuaries or offering other enticements for illegal aliens, it also would stop the current Administration's practice of trying to stop localities from pushing illegal aliens out of their communities and would require the feds to help.
I can't think of any single action that would be a more effective protest against the Obama Administration's anti-local-enforcement efforts or a more effective single action to help our nation's besieged sheriffs who have tended to be our best allies among the nation's law enforcement officials.
If you want to do more than a fax, please call 202-224-3121 and ask for your U.S. Representative's office to urge action this fall on the CLEAR Act.

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