Thursday, September 15, 2011


This Man will Tip the
Balance of Power in Washington

Dear Fellow Conservative,

The balance of the Senate may come down to one Senate seat. Who sits in that seat matters a great deal to me.
Ted Cruz is running for the United States Senate from the great state of Texas. He is challenged on every side by establishment Republicans and attacked nearly every day by Democrats and liberals across the board.

Ted is indeed a conservative.
He has proven time and again to be worthy of that title. As a Texas Solicitor General, former Supreme Court Clerk and as an attorney focused on Constitutional issues. He understands quite clearly that the federal government has a clearly defined role and currently is far exceeding what the founders of our great country envisioned.
Ted Cruz is a must have Senator. His election is essential to help build upon the gains of 2010 and the new Senators who understand the proper, limited role of government.
Will you help me get this champion of freedom elected? I need your help to make this happen.
We need Ted Cruz in the Senate.
When I arrived in Washington, D.C. it struck me: it's not enough to be a Republican. It's not enough even to call yourself a Conservative. We need to elect people who understand the United States Constitution and are willing to put everything on the line to defend it.

We need leaders in Washington who respect the limitations placed on the federal government by our Constitution.   The American people deserve to have representatives that correctly understand and follow the letter and spirit of our founding document. We must demand that Washington not act outside of its powers that are few and defined.

Please join me today with your support for Ted Cruz.


U.S. Senator Mike Lee

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