Thursday, September 15, 2011


Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

      Last Thursday, President Obama announced the creation
      of his so-called "jobs bill" called The American Jobs
      Act of 2011.  Since then, in his public statements,
      the President has called on Congress to "Pass this
      Bill Now" over 100 times!  We are rallying tens of
      thousands of Liberty Counsel Action team members to
      counteract this bullying and to tell Congress, "Pass
      this Bill - Never!"  Please take a moment to read my
      urgent message below - Mat.               


What has changed since the abysmal failure of President Obama's
first two stimulus packages - spending over a trillion dollars
and plunging America into almost $15 trillion dollars in debt? 

      The answer is - much has changed, but not for the better! 

In an insightful article published by "American Thinker"
author Chad Stafko reveals some very disturbing statistics:

      "In less than 1,000 days as chief executive of the
      United States, President Obama's failed policies and
      initiatives have resulted in a dizzying array of
      dismal economic statistics...

      Government dependence, which is defined as the percentage
      of persons receiving one or more federal benefit payments,
      is at a staggering 47%, its highest level in American
      history, while 21 million households are relian on
      food stamps.  In fact, government spending on food
      stamps in 2010 ($68 billion) was double what it was
      in 2007, with the 2011 figure likely to be even higher.

      According to the August employment report from the
      Department of Labor, the nation's unemployment rate
      remained at 9.1% with a total of zero jobs added to
      the economy during the month. Those are the official
      unemployment rates.  The real unemployment rate, as it
      is sometimes referred to, rose to a seasonally adjusted
      16.2% in August.

      These woeful economic figures have come during a time in
      which we have experienced the most government involvement
      in the economy since the days of FDR and government
      spending without parallel in our nation's history.

      Now, President Obama has said he wants to spend hundreds
      of billions of dollars more to stimulate the economy. 
      The American people can't take much more."

++No thinking American can endorse Obama's "jobs bill." 

Mr. President, we have already seen you spend, and spend, and
spend...and plummet our country into insurmountable debt without
ANY verifiable economic or jobs recovery.

That's why Liberty Counsel Action is calling on every concerned
American to sign our "Pass this Bill - Never!" petition to
Congress. We are also calling for a step in the right direction
to reign in government spending, exercise fiscal restraint,
and create more accountability! 

I believe this petition will rally many tens of thousands of
concerned citizens who are fed up with the state of the
American economy...while incompetent (and one has to wonder
if they're not willfully destructive) leaders and presidential
appointees steer this country closer to a colossal financial
meltdown with yet another $447 billion stimulus plan! 

I urge you to join us in telling Congress,
"Pass this Bill - Never!" 

Click here to read and sign the petition:

In less than three years, President Obama, his leftist
administration, and collaborators in Congress have turned
our nation from an economic "super power" with an AAA credit
rating into a socialist state with a rapidly declining
middle class.

That is not an overstatement!

Remember the "shovel ready" jobs that the earlier stimulus
was intended to fund?  Then you probably also remember that
the President later smirked about that phrase and recanted
in an economic forum, saying, "Shovel-ready was not as...uh...
shovel-ready as we expected."

Do you recall that the $787 billion "Stimulus One" was partially
earmarked for repairs to bridges, roads, and infrastructure?
President Obama has said repeatedly his latest jobs bill
is needed for bridges, roads and infrastructure!  Does he
actually think we can't remember what he said just two
years ago?

The plain fact is, this bill does nothing to address the     
major obstacle to American employment - government    
bureaucracy, regulation, and intrusion in the private sector.

In fact, according to the Heritage Foundation, 75 major    
new regulations that have cost U.S. businesses more than
40 billion dollars have been passed since Barack Obama    
first took office! 

President Obama's plan does nothing to prevent jobs from
going overseas into cheaper labor markets...

It does nothing to address unfair trade practices, which
hamper American business from competing in global markets... 

And it does nothing to address the mountains of regulations
imposed by overzealous government agencies that are
killing American business!

    ++NOW is the time to stand for REAL change!

Right now, fiscal conservatives in Congress are in position
to bring about economic policy changes with lasting effects.
Liberty Counsel Action believes that rejecting Obama's
latest jobs/stimulus plan is putting another crucial
piece of the fiscal restraint puzzle into place. 

We want to deliver tens and tens of thousands of these
petitions to our elected officials in Congress as soon
as possible.  In fact, I believe we can assemble 50,000
signed petitions within the next week if you and other
concerned Americans will forward this message to as many
of your like-minded friends as possible!

Click here now to read and sign the "Pass this Bill - Never!"
petition that will be sent to Congress on behalf of tens
of thousands of Americans:

We MUST continue to be a strong voice for fiscal conservatism
and stop Congress and the President from turning this ill-
advised stimulus package into yet another liberal fiscal

Please help put America on sound financial footing so that
our children and grandchildren can enjoy the liberty our
forefathers fought, bled, and died to provide to their
God bless you,
Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. There is no doubt that President Obama has brought
economic "change" to our nation.  But after two and a half
years of out-of-control spending, we all now realize that
it has been a horribly undesirable kind of change!  The
fiscal insanity of his proposed American Jobs Act of 2011
must be stopped!  Click here to sign the "Pass this
Bill - Never!" petition:

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