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Submitted by: Kurt J Fitsch

World Bank designates Islamic sharia finance a priority area

Posted on May 17, 2011 by creeping
Selling Islamists the ropes from which they will hang us? The World Bank is helping spread Islamic sharia law through the financing of jihad, via World Bank declares Islamic finance a priority area – Arab News.

…the World Bank Group has “formally recognized Islamic finance and have designated it a priority area in our financial sector program”. The World Bank’s strategy for Islamic finance is based on four pillarscapacity building and knowledge management; influencing policy and market development; diagnostic work and analysis in the industry; and providing technical assistance especially in developing a regulatory framework. “The World Bank has always closely cooperated with the Islamic financial services sector. This demonstrates our commitment to help strengthen the institutional development of the industry. In Sudan in the Islamic microfinance space, we have a full program which we hope to see develop to cover other countries and sectors. The World Bank will play a positive role in industrial development and economic growth, as such.”
 Sudan may not be the best example. The primarily Christian south chose to secede from the Islamic north rather than live under Islamic sharia law.
From a previous post, Foolish Western leaders aid Islamists who seek to overthrow them:
“Western governments and institutions now gladly cashing in on the Islamic market are falling into the same trap into which Western governments fell when they supported Islamist radicals in fighting the Soviet Union. They are supporting the rise of a powerful system they cannot control and that might turn against them.”

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