Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What do you like about Obama and his Administration??

Some of our members on FaceBook are receiving an e-mail from one ADAM COX filled with the usual threats and attempts at intimidation one expects from these Chicago politicians. It seems the Progressives are having their feelings hurt! 

Newest attack:

Adam Cox May 16 at 3:25am Report

This goes for people at Patriot Action Network in particular but it will affect Tea Party Nation and many other online gathering points for conservatives.

I've been monitoring them closely for over a year, watching and cataloging many comments suggesting armed uprising,
implying the killing or physical attack of liberals (or anyone who disagrees with them politically) , hate crimes against

Muslims, etc ... I want you to know that my organization has a very large database of names and addresses of people who are making these remarks. We hope to convince prosecutors to start cracking down on this. We won't let this stuff go unnoticed -- The American voting public will also be made aware of the sociopath and psychopath tendencies of those who collectively represent the tea party.

America does not NEED your hate driven movement and I and many others intend to expose and bring it down.
I'm giving you a heads up on this so P.A.N. has a chance to clean up their act before 2012 campaigns get under way. There will be campaign ads that showcase the kind of unhinged and hateful rhetoric that makes up a very large part of the tea party base. You will not be able to use the excuse that this is a last minute smear campaign as we are giving you ample time to react before the media exposure begins.

#1 After we finish tracking down the location of the more severe threats emanating from Patriot Action Network, we will be contacting and petitioning their local law enforcement agencies as well as federal agencies to pursue and arrest those responsible for the worst cases of seditious and/or terroristic threats.

#2 We think your local communities need to know the type of attitudes and hateful things that are being said, so if you are one of the worst offenders using hate speech, you can expect your employers and neighbors to recieve copies of your words.

Your words can and will be used against you.

#3 We have archived the P.A.N. forums/blogs via several channels - One of which being an absolutely unbiased middleman organization which has no political connection to us. We have numerous backups of the incriminating data, so don't expect to be able to silence me or any of my affiliates by threats, etc.

#4 We are only using the truth (your words) against you. That is not libelous. However if you attempt to dishonestly libel me or anyone in my organization , we will take you to court. We already have a law firm ready and willing to defend us when needed.

Adam, Adam, in your honor, we will tell you today what we like about Obama and his Administration in this thread. 

Folks start every reply with "What I like......" 

What I like about the Obama Administration is they woke up the Conservatives!
What I like about them is they have made me some good friends in the Tea Party!

You get the idea!

Although, fair is fair Adam,.....I'm going to open another discussion and we will scour the progressive liberal sites and their archives to post 'DUMB MEAN HATEFUL THINGS PROGRESSIVES SAY'! 

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