Tuesday, May 17, 2011


MD jurisdiction will automate immigration checks

Washington County, MD, will finally be joining 21 other jurisdictions in Maryland and 1,188 jurisdictions in 41 states nationwide using the automatic immigration status checks on fingerprints when an individual enters a detention center. Previously, the check was performed manually.  If someone is on the list as an illegal immigrant, authorities then contact ICE for a hearing before a federal magistrate after completing any criminal sentences.

The fingerprint checks are part of the Secure Communities program and will be checked against the Department of Homeland Security’s Automated Biometric Identification System, which includes a watch list of criminals, immigration violators, and known or suspected terrorists. However, an individual’s fingerprints will only be in the system if they have had previous encounters with ICE or other law enforcement agencies – such as those who have been removed from the country in the past and re-entered the country. The removal of criminal aliens is prioritized by the seriousness of the crime committed.

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