Tuesday, May 24, 2011


If a Republican Said...

By Lee S Gliddon Jr

We hear the cries of the Left as they scream, "Racists!" This is their word to defend every wrong headed and foolish theng Obama does. Everything to them reeks of racism and there is no hesitation to drop that accusation anytime anything is said that they do not agree with.

Alan Colmes, a man who is Liberal through and through, speaks out in defense of any and everything Obama does. To hear Colmes speak as he kow-tows to his master Obama is the equivelent to the Second Coming!

When asked as to the viability of Herman Cain as a Candidate for the Presidency Colmes did not hesitate for a moment as he said, "Cain is just another Co Co Puff."

HUH? For you who do not eat children's cereal allow me to tell you what a Co Co Puff is. A Co Co Puff is a chocolate flavored cereal that is brown in color.

If any Republican identified Obama as a Co Co Puff President you could bet your bottom dollar there would be deafening screams of, "Racist," directed toward the person making such a remark.

Holmes saying that? That is the equivalent of Roberts Byrd using the term "white N...." to describe anyone failing to agree with him. That is the equivalent of Harry Reid saying, "A Back man that really sounds educated," as he spoke about Obama.

Racism...in the Party of the Left...? YOU DECIDE! 

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