Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Dear Friend,

I want you to be the first to see my new video, “Meet Ken Miller.”

With the release of my new website and video, we are putting into action our plan to wage a vigorous online campaign for the Montana governorship. I plan to give Montana conservatives the most access – whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter,  at an event, or through calling my cell phone – that any candidate will offer.

I’m bringing old fashioned Montana grit into the 21st Century.
Government spending is out of control and the bureaucrats in Helena and in D.C. are harming our ability to create new jobs. Montana needs a governor with a conservative vision to reinvigorate our entrepreneurial spirit. A governor that will have the backbone to stand strong and do what is right for Montana. I will be that governor, one that Montana and the rest of the country can once again be proud of.
I will be sending these emails periodically to keep you informed about my campaign. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.  My goal is to earn your support.


Ken Miller
Republican Candidate for Montana Governor

P.S. I just launched a new website. Click here to check it out and watch my video, “Meet Ken Miller.”

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