Monday, May 2, 2011


Grassfire Nation Update

        URGENT: House vote Tuesday, May 3 to drain the
        ObamaCare slush fund set aside for implementing
        Obama's healthcare scheme. Details and urgent
        action items below!


When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrogantly announced to
America "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out
what is in it," citizens and most in Congress had no idea
that hidden deep within the bill was funding for ObamaCare --
a $105.4 billion slush fund set aside for implementing
Obama's unconstitutional healthcare scheme!

But it gets even worse!

Sect. 4002 of the bill sets up a $16 billion slush fund
for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
to use at her discretion for whatever she wants. And
following 2015, the HHS secretary would receive $2 billion
annually in perpetuity...

And Congress would have no authority to stop it!

Click here to watch Rep. Michele Bachmann explain the ObamaCare
slush fund and to take immediate action:

+ + Vote to Drain the ObamaCare Slush Fund Tuesday, May 3

Rep. Fred Upton drafted a bill (H.R. 1213) that
would rescind the $105,464,000,000 already appropriated to ObamaCare.

We've learned from his office that H.R. 1213 will be voted

That means it is critical for taxpayers to communicate their
thoughts about the slush fund immediately!

Click here now to take fast action with Grassfire Nation:

+ + Immediately Fax Your Nevada Representative

The time is NOW for Grassroots Americans to deliver a strong
message to Congress regarding the ObamaCare slush fund.

Our Grassfire Nation faxfire system provides the most
efficient and effective way to quickly communicate directly
to those lawmakers when time short!

Click here now, and Grassfire Nation will immediately send
personalized faxes on your behalf to your Nevada
Representative, your two Senators -- as well as other key

While a simple click is the easiest way to impact this issue,
Grassfire Nation has made it possible for you to download
the key contact information as well as our customized fax
letters to fax on your own.

Whatever method you use, don't delay!

Click here to see the contact information and letters:

After scheduling your faxes, take a few extra moments to call
your Representative as well as House leaders-- letting them
know where you stand on the ObamaCare slush fund and Rep.
's H.R. 1213 to rescind the $105.4 billion to implement

Here is the contact information for Nevada

Rep. Berkley 202-225-5965

Speaker Boehner's office:  202-225-6205
Majority Leader Cantor's office:  202-225-2815
Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers202-225-4601

Again, the vote is scheduled for Tuesday, May 3. So after
scheduling your faxes, please make your calls right up to
the vote.

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