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Fellow Conservative:

Do you remember the old television show, "The Beverly Hillbillies" and how they became rich from finding oil ("Texas Tea")? It's past time that we scream and demand of Barack Obama: WE NEED "TEXAS TEA" NOW!

I've just seen $5 a gallon prices for gas within the United States. When will this price gouging stop?! I recall back a little over 30 years ago when there were long lines for gas. We had "odd/even" days on our license plates to which we could/or could not purchase gas. There was a near-revolution when gas topped out at $2 a gallon! But now---

Syria has killed hundreds of protestors…their own people. Libya is ablaze with dissenters and protestors. Protestors caused Egypt's Hosni Mubarak to resign. Dictators in other Middle East countries are waiting for "the other shoe to drop" as their unemployed young men and the Muslim Brotherhood ignite national tensions into national rage. And the price of crude oil rises with the temperature of the times. But what does all of this mean to you? It means we must tell OUR government: WE MUST DRILL HERE! We can suffer only so much at the local gas pump!

Please CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of the U.S. Congress to tell them to "DRILL HERE NOW!" Demand of Congress to open up drilling on the coastal waters of the United States!

As unrest boils over in the Middle East, the American people are watching what's happening throughout the Muslim world and wondering if they are witnessing the rise of another Ayatollah Khomeini somewhere in the Gulf region that will destabilize the free enterprise system not only in the United States, but throughout the free world.

Mideast Destabilization is now driving up the price of crude, back over $100.00 per barrel. When oil exceeds the $120.00 per barrel rate, and stays there, it will have a devastating impact on all consumer goods, triggering a massive spike in not only in retail prices, but in interest rates as well. The current world scenario raises the question of exactly what is "cheap oil." Cheap oil used to Mideast oil because it was the least expensive place in the world to drill. That is no longer the case. Yet, the United States is totally dependent on foreign oil.

The shocking reality is that the United States is looking at $6.00 per gallon gasoline in the very near future if something is not done to relieve the pressure valve. That relief valve may very well be the U.S. domestic oil industry itself even though, today, that industry is mostly shut out of its own country, thanks to Mr. Obama's "brilliant" drilling moratorium.

For the most-part, the Obama administration is stopping us from drilling off the U.S. shores!

We must end our dependency on foreign oil? We must fax every Member of Congress to get real ACTION to make the U.S. oil production much higher and find other domestic solutions.

The fact of the matter is that Saudi Arabia and the surrounding area has much of the world's reserves of oil, while the United States has only 2 percent of total reserves. Americans consume approx. 25 percent of the world's oil---yet, we are only 5 percent of the global population. Now, more than ever---DRILL HERE NOW!

Iranian warships are now sailing through the Suez Canal. Not only does that deeply concern the nation of Israel, but the future of distribution of oil in the entire region. What if the Muslim Brotherhood was to control the new Egypt---they, too, would control the Suez Canal. The Strait of Hormuz is considered dangerous as fragile dictatorships barely hang on, like in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Tunisia, and even Iran.

Thanks to the Obama environmentalists, the "shut down" of oil coming to America is now a possibility---unless YOU act right away.

Please CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of the U.S. Congress to tell them to "DRILL HERE NOW!" Demand of Congress to open up drilling on the coastal waters of the United States!


The bottom line: the U.S. does NOT produce enough oil on its own. The United States has become overly dependent on buying oil from other nations, to keep its economy going. And the environmentalists have confronted our oil production every step of the way! The Obama Administration and his "lieutenants" have joined forces with the environmentalists who oppose most U.S. oil production. They would rather supposedly "save the environment" and GIVE MONEY TO TERRORISTS, just so we can get oil!

Without more oil being produced in the United States, $6 a gallon will be a reality soon. Donald Trump on national television predicted $7 a gallon. Neil Berensky, Senior Research Analyst for Sanford Bernstein in Hong Kong, today predicated that oil could conceivably reach $150 a barrel.

We've got to demand Congress to open up drilling in the United States. NO LONGER will we stand to be at the whims and wishes of Middle East terrorists or Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. They despise us and want our downfall. When we rely more and more on foreign oil---that spells disaster.

We need to focus on drilling near Florida, the Keys, and the Gulf of Mexico where Mr. Obama originally shut down the drilling.

Are you ready to "stomach" this: Every oil-producing country in the world is drilling reserves in the Florida Keys, Gulf of Mexico, and the California coast---EXCEPT THE UNITED STATES!! Our government is subservient to the fears that environmentalists have raised. It begs the question: Who are the environmentalists in bed with, other than the Democrats?

Please CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of the U.S. Congress to tell them to "DRILL HERE NOW!" Demand of Congress to open up drilling on the coastal waters of the United States!

The United States is in critical need to develop alternative sources of energy - or DRILL MUCH MORE OFF ITS COASTS - to prevent a great TRAGEDY stemming from its huge dependence on the use of foreign oil. I think you will agree with me. I say one thing:



Relaxing some of the environmentalists' restrictions on oil drilling can INCREASE U.S. production further. Let me give you an example of what we can do: The U.S. can open some of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling would eventually increase production in Alaska by an important 600,000 barrels a day, that would only equal about 7 percent of what we now import from the rest of the world.

The United States can no longer accept the rhetoric that it is cheaper to get oil from our enemies. By depending upon our enemies for oil, the price of oil will erupt like a nuclear explosion. Unless we produce for ourselves, we will soon think that $6 a gallon oil will be quite a bargain. Again, we can thank the liberal environmentalists for slowing our production over the past few years!

Please help us to urge our Congressmen to produce more.

The "Libya effect" will soon be known. The price of oil soars as the political upheaval in the Middle East escalates. The region's biggest oil producer, Saudi Arabia, is also going through political upheaval. The future is very uncertain. Libya's output is a modest estimated 1.6 million barrels a day.

OPEC member countries have been extremely slow to react to the crisis in the Middle East. They have been slow to increase production as growing world demand has pushed up the price of oil from just only $70 nine months ago.

Political differences and the Environmental Protection Agency have combined to strangle any hope of establishing a true national approach to becoming energy self-sufficient. Our only hope is INCREASED PRODUCTION!

And we must let our Congressmen know, before oil begins to dry up in the Middle East, due to political conflicts.

Please CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of the U.S. Congress to tell them to "DRILL HERE NOW!" Demand of Congress to open up drilling on the coastal waters of the United States!

Help us to send a definitive message: DRILL HERE, NOW!

We must do something NOW. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow will be too late. The oil and oil reserves of America are at risk. The bottom line: WE MUST PRODUCE MORE! We must not "cow down" to the wishes of the liberal environmentalists.

The danger is already here. The oil-producing countries are now substantially at risk due to their march toward freedom (or Muslim Brotherhood leadership).

I want you to be on board with us as we Urge Congress to DRILL HERE, NOW!

Your passionate reflections must be faxed to your Congressman today.


Tony Adkins
Conservative Action Alerts

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