Monday, May 2, 2011


Obama's ATF Seals the Records of Illegal Alien Arrested at Border Agent's Murder Scene
By Kevin "Coach" Collins,

On December 14, Border Officer Brian Terry lost his life in a shoot out with illegal Mexican aliens he was attempting to stop from sneaking into our country. Since then we have seen the Bureau of Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco (BATF) work overtime to keep us from learning that the guns involved in the crime, the guns with Mexican drug cartel fingerprints on them, were likely part of Project Gunrunner, an insane idea dreamed up by some fool in the BATF that would allow known Mexican drug gang members to slip over our border, legally buy guns, and take them back to their bosses in Mexico.

Thereafter this foolhardy plan called for using the trail of these guns as a way to trace them to Mexico’s drug kingpins and build a “solid” case against them. Such stupidity has rarely been seen, even in government work.

Somebody is responsible for allowing the gun used to shoot and kill Agent Terry and that someone’s head should roll...

Now we get news that is worse still....
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