Tuesday, March 22, 2011



by: Lee S Gliddon Jr

The Liberals and Progressive Democrats all but exalt Obama as a fantastic President. Their zeal in supporting a man with no moral values serves only to reveal their own character.

Aside from the Socialistic programs Obama has as his agenda everyone must look at his ‘other’  actions. These, in addition to his Socialistic bent. are reflective of either a man with no moral values or of a man intent on destroying America’s view of their President.

Obama has appointed men and women to positions as advisers and decision makers that have the morals of alley cats and most are not the type of person any American would invite home to dinner. One, inparticular, is his reported gay lover who is being paid a salary of some $100,000.00 annually for doing nothing more that providing sexual pleasures to a President that is as low a person as his lover.

Obama has made Reccss Appointments to men and women that are proven ‘fruitcakes.’ One will not submit to a polygraqph test and another has proven Communistic leanings.

Obama was successful in appointing two women of questionable moral values to the Supreme Court of The United States of America. Obama’s minions in both Houses of Congress readily accepted his choices even though both were proven to be less than truthful in appearances before the U.S. Senate. In untruthfullness before the U.S. Senate they committed yet additional crimes for which they should have been held accountable. In voting in favor of these appointments the Senate clearly showed that those in favor of the two appointments had very low morals themselves.

There was a disasterous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama did absolutely nothing for days then said, “I was on top of this disaster from day one.” Just who does he think he is fooling? He now would have America believe that the damages from the spill were not as bad as could be expected even though there is proof to the contrary!

The oil spill was the first such event in American waters due to drilling ever. Even knowing this to be factual Obama defies the Justice System repeatedly ordering drilling bans! With the full knowledge of Anmerica in the midst of an unbearable unemployment scene Obama is willing to see another 84,000 jobs go down the drain!

Obama ‘brow beat’ BP into placing $20 billion into an escrow to pay for the damages sustained by residents of the Gulf states. NOTHING IS BEING PAID OUT! His chosen stooge is dreaming up outlandish ways to avoid paying! Meanwhile the $20 billion is accruing interest and who know where that money will be spent!

Obama is paying for cell phones for people who support him! Free cell phones and free air time! The money is coming from the Stimuls Bill! Where does he get the right to pay his supporters with our tax dollars?

Obama has given millions to HAMAS in Palestine! HAMAS is recognized as a ‘Terrorist Organization’, in Obama’s way of thinking, worthy of recieving our tax dollars!

In the Oath of Office taken by each President are words that express Presidential duties. Chief amongst those duties are, ‘to protect and serve the People.” In refusing to secure the  southern border with Mexico thereby allowing Middle Easterners unlawful entry into America, Obama is betraying that very Oath.
Rather than fulfilling his Oath of Office and seeing to the protection of Americans in border states, when those states enacted laws to protect their residents, Obama directed his lackey, Erixc Holder, to sue them! 

No one has to tell you that America is in a severe recession. At the time we are suffering severe unemployment Obama makes great efforts to have us know of his golf playing, vacations, jaunts for entertainment and personal aggrandizement. He travels with a retinue that rivals the Dictators pf a Third World Country. He uses a teleprompter for the least important of speeches and whomever writes his materials has even less morals than Obama! Why else would they tout such lies? Obama even has his minions doctor up the true unemploment picture to reflect a much lower rate of unemplyment. 9.4 percent is, in all actuality closer to 17.8 percent!

Obama blames any and everyone for his own ineptnesses. He makes a speech one day daring to say, “Do not blame another for your own shortcomings,” the in the next day’s speech lays blame on Bush, the Republicans and on anyone thaty has not publicly supported his Presidencyfor his own ineptness! Where is the morality in that?

When Obama took the Oath of Office he swore to be the President of ALL AMERICANS! With hardly a day in office he began to attack all Republicans whether they be in office or just plain Americans. As he set about attacking anyone that did not vote for him he asserted his oft repeated charge, “They have not presented one new idea.” He continues this lie and will continue it until he is voted out of office.

Republicans have submitted ideas. Tort Reform, Interstate Insurance Sales, Border Protection, Tax Reform, Social Security Fix, Unemployment Corrective Measures, and many other new and even innovative ideas. Obama’s denail of those ideas serves to make him look as Ideological Divided as the worst sort.

America sustained a disasterous attack on our homeland ever. Terrorists destroyed buildings in New York City and killed more than 2,700 AMERICANS! Obama, in his zeal to placate Muslim voters, stated his support of the U.S. Constitution so as to justify his position. NOT ONE AMERICAN questioned the Constitutional Rights of any group! What Amnerica said was, ‘This is hallowed ground and we will not allow this.” Obama continues, as does his minions, to further the goals of the very groups that hold the responsibility for the deaths to Americans.

I can go on…and on…and on but my point is made. We have a man in the White House claiming to be the President of all Americans but at the same time  he openly condemns an excess of 50 percent of America’s population! In doing so he only srves to prove the p0int I seek to make!

Lastly, for the first time I say, Obamacare, Cap and Trade, Card Check, Value Added Tax and the many other Socialistic Agenda set forth by Obama are all anti-business thereby adding to the flames of recession that will be the ruin of the greatest nation on earth!

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