Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Obama’s Evil Way

By: :Lee S Gliddon Jr

Obama appears to be content as he travels around America touting the success of his failed economic policies. In a Michigan automobile plant he had to almost demand applause as he voiced the success of his policies involving Union Baliouts. The workers just could not get the point of his lies but he could care less.

As Obama played golf and the oil spill continued Iran continued its pursuit of a nuclear weapon. As Obama directed the DOJ to sue Arizona and denied border invasion as a problem Iran continued to constuct a nuclear weapon. As Obama took another vacation and played more golf Iran continued its construction of nuclear weaponry. As Obama claimed to have ’saved’ millions of jobs and talked up a failing economy Iran…well, you get the picture…at least I hope you do.

Obama is using every device he can to downplay the threat of a nuclear armed Iran and his supporters blindly defend his positions and his apparent ineptness’s.

Rather than acting as a President and someone intent on unifying a troubled nation he is doing anything but that. He sues Arizona for trying to deter Illegal Immigration, tries to stop all oil workers along the Gulf of Mexico and has no explanation other than to lamely say, “I know what’s best.”

In Obama’s mind what is best is that America cannot be allowed to realize that Iran will test its first nuclear weapon in months! Not years…months!

What is even more shameful is he is doing all within his power to deter Israel from being able to defend itself as he openly supports HAMAS and its terrorist intents.

When will Obama come to realize that being a President is not to blindly follow an ideology that is a proven failure? When will he realize that a nuclear attack will not exclude him as a target? Unless his intent is to be a martyr for some weird Islamic cause he had better wake up and realize that he was elected as President not as the eteral campaigner!

Evil is as evil does! It does not take a Forest Gump to see that!

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