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Submitted by: Kurt J Fitsch

ISLAMIC ISSUES 11-58 Paul Williams Defense Fun


About the Defense - 8 Points

Why is this lawsuit so important? Why is the situation at McMaster
so alarming? And why must you give to fight the lawsuit against
award-winning journalist/author Paul L. Williams? Consider the following:

1. McMaster has harbored leading al Qaeda operatives, including Adnan
el-Shukrijumah, Jaber A. Elbaneh, Abderraouf Jdey, and Amer el-Maati. This
finding was a result of the interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, who was
taken into custody in Karachi by ISI officials on March 3, 2003. A BOLO for
these operatives was issued by former US Attorney General John Ashcroft and
FBI director Robert Mueller on March 21, 2004. A reward of $5 million has
been posted for each of these agents. Adnan el Shukrijumah has been
described by the US Justice Department as "the next Mohammad Atta" who has
been commissioned to commandeer the next attack on U.S. soil. McMaster is an
ideal location for these operatives to study since it houses a 5 megawatt
nuclear reactor, one of the largest reactors for educational purposes in the
western hemisphere. The first account of these operatives at McMaster was
written by Bill Gertz of "The Washington Times" in a piece entitled "Al
Qaeda Pursued a Dirty Bomb." It appeared on October 17, 2003 and remains
posted on the internet. Subsequent and considerably more substantial
articles appeared on DEBKA, the Israeli intelligence website -

Go to Insight at this site for additional information:

2. When the operatives left McMaster, 180 pounds of nuclear material was
reported missing. The story of the missing waste was first reported by John
of WABC News on November 7, 2003. This story also remains on the
internet. McMaster has insisted that no material was ever missing from the
reactor but radiological material was reported missing from their
pharmacological and medical facilities. The matter of the missing material
was mentioned by Attorney Janice L. Kephart of the 9/11 Commission in an
address before the House Committee on the Judiciary entitled "The Need to
Implement WHIT to Protect Homeland Security. This address is also accessible
on the internet.

3. The College of Engineering at McMaster contains an over-abundance of
professors from terror-sponsoring countries. In the Division of Earthquake
Engineering, 9 out of 10 faculty members are from the Universities of Cairo
and Alexandria. For verification, go to this site:

Similarly, the three full-professors at the College of Engineering all hail
from The University of Cairo. Ditto the Dean, Vice President, and the
Department Head of the same department. Jane Corbin of BBC points out in her
book on al Qaeda that the engineering department at the University of Cairo
remains under the control of the "Syndicate." The Syndicate, or Trade Union
of Engineers, has always been a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood.

4. Members of the Ontario Provincial Police have confirmed that McMaster has
been under scrutiny for a long time; that many of the students have ties to
radical Islam and terrorist organizations; and that Islamic members of the
faculty have conducted clandestine meetings at an off-campus address in

5. Egyptian Islamic websites affirm the presence of jihadists at McMaster,
verify reports that professors within the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster
are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and that the university may be the
epicenter for the next terrorist attack on American soil.

6. Hundreds of postings on the internet calling for the jihad and the
nuclear destruction of America have been traced back to McMaster. Many of
the postings have been made by a graduate student at McMaster who transports
dangerous goods for the Canadian government.

7. Two of the terrorists who were taken into custody in the plot to kill the
Canadian Prime Minister and to blow up Parliament were students from

8. Hamid Mir, the only journalist to interview Osama bin Laden in the wake
of 9/11, has confirmed that Anas el-Liby, a founder of al Qaeda, attended
McMaster and managed, along with other al Qaeda operatives, to steal 180
pounds of nuclear material from the poorly guarded facilities at the school.

For reporting these findings, Dr. Williams has been sued by McMaster
University for $4 million plus punitive damages. This suit has been allowed
to proceed in Canadian court despite the fact that Dr. Williams is an
American citizen who should be protected by the Bill of Rights and American
law which stipulates that truth is an ultimate defense. The case, fuelled by
Islamic contributions, represents the first attempt of an academic
to limit the research of an academician, despite the fact that
such research is vital for our national security. If he loses the case, the
American people will be left in the dark and the American Hiroshima may
become a reality.

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