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                                                        What does God look like?

I have heard more than one Pastor or Priest ask his congregation, “What does God look like?” I have also heard one Pastor ask his congregation to, “close your eyes and imagine sitting across from Jesus Christ…see His face…and tell anyone you see how He appears.”
There may be many answers to each of these questions but, in truth, there is only one answer. One correct answer.
The Book of Revelation, written by John, is extremely well versed in this matter, while at the same time appearing to be vague. I say ‘vague’ as no description is given as to His facial features. We must realize, John saw Jesus during His time here on earth. John saw Jesus in all of His glory and saw Jesus Christ while he, John, was being revealed all that is told of in the Book of Revelation. As John said, He was, “The first and the last.”  Revelation 1:17.
In earthly words John described Jesus as he saw Him: “wearing a long robe with a gold sash across His chest.” Revelation 1:13
Have you ever seen a king or queen dressed in regal ceremonial garb? Have you ever seen a beauty contestant in a pageant or a religious figure performing a rite? Most often they wear a sash that runs across their chests. 

In the Book of Deuteronomy God gave His instruction for the sash and robes for the Priests if Israel. Where each of those described persons wears a colored sash or one bearing the name of a state being represented, Christ was seen by John to be wearing a “sash of gold;”  that must be seen as wearing a ‘mark of power,’
John wrote, “He was dressed in a robe down to His feet.”  That, dear people is a robe of ‘righteousness’ worn to beautify Him while adorning Him. This robe, combined with the golden sash, reflects power as well as authority.
“His head and His hair were white like wool, as white as snow.” Revelation 1:14
Many confuse ‘white hair’ as merely a sign of age. In this instance, “white hair,” is to signify glory, wisdom, not age and decay.
John then writes, “His eyes were like blazing fire.” Revelation 1:14 
Bright eyes are to be seen as ‘great love for those who truly love Him,’ while at the same time, ‘signifying fierceness and the appearance of one ready to take revenge against any that oppose Him as well as against any that harmed His followers for following Him.’
Does any of this begin to open your eyes? Can you imagine the awesome power John is attempting to make seen as real? 

Let us continue.
“His feet were as bright as bronze refined in a furnace…” Revelation 1:15
  Those feet are the feet that walked the dusty roads of Palestine, the feet that walked on water, the feet that supported our Savior as He bore the cross to Calvary. Those feet were nailed to the cross, walked out of a tomb, walked with His disciples on the road to Emmaus, and ascended to heaven. Those are the strong feet that will trample His enemies. Those feet will ‘stomp on those that oppose Him. All things are under those feet!
“His voice thundered like mighty ocean waves.” Revelation 1:15      
This is the voice of authority. This is the voice of the Everlasting God. This is the voice of ultimate power!  Heard by David, as described in Psalm 29:4  “The voice of the Lord is powerful. The voice of the Lord is full of majesty.”
We continue.
“…and a sharp two edged sword came from His mouth.” Revelation 1: 16
This ‘two edged sword’ conveys the words and majesty of Our God. His judgment is eternal as is His love. His words are of strength and truth.
“And his face was as bright as the sun in all its brilliance.”Revelation 1:16
No real description of God’s face is given. It is, “bright as the sun,” and if you have ever attempted to look into the sun, you realize, you soon see nothing at all! God’s glory is blinding and unimaginable in itself.
Let us think on all of these thoughts and descriptions and we begin to see that when it comes to God’s appearance, we know so very little. Let us now think about someone who has, for any reason, stood up in the face of adversity for us. You know who that person is. He or she stopped a bully for threatening you. He or she is the person who risked his or her life to pull you to safety and suffered burns that scarred him or her. Maybe it was something smaller than that. It could be the athlete that represented his school on the football field or in a volleyball game. He or she broke a leg, suffered a concussion, or sustained an injury of some type during the course of the game.
If you have experienced this then you must realize that such a person does not continually remind you of that injury or remind you of the pain and suffering he or she went through. If he or she did, wouldn’t you begin to feel that he or she did not freely give the effort or trial they went through freely? 

Wouldn’t you see that as being, as we say, ‘a little much.’
I hear some people who say they are Christian as they seek to describe God as being scarred. As showing the whip welts of the flogging He was subjected to, the marks of the ‘crown of thorns,’ and the gash in His side. Must He continually remind you of His gift by His appearance?
When I see God, with my limited vision as a human, I think, and I ask that you join with me, that it is time that we see Him as our Unblemished God, Our Deliverer, Our Prince of Peace, Our Almighty God.  We must see God as someone that overcame the grave, who was resurrected, and a God of unfathomable beauty, a Protector, strength personified with power beyond belief.
Why should He show any doubt that He was touched by adversity? He doesn’t, you know. “Why?,” you may ask, and I will answer…”He won, He won over sin, over adversity and over everything thrown against Him.
Jesus Christ describes the Father in John 14:9. “…anyone who has seen me has seen the Father…” This, my dear Christian friends   is the answer to any question asked about God’s appearance.
So, when anyone asks me, “what do you see when you see Jesus Christ,” my answer is, “ I see God with white hair, a white beard, in a flowing robe with a golden sash. His mighty face is as bright as any sun, His voice as a voice of ultimate authority. I cannot see His hands or body, but I know them to be hands of power, justice, and hands that have comforted me and will be my comfort forevermore. I see feet of bronze that will trample down adversity and walk with the pace of the awesome God that He is. I will see no scars because I know, without a single doubt, that He died for me.
I will not see a blue eyed, light haired man. I will not see a man at all! He is God. He will be seen as unblemished and have beauty beyond earthly description. One other thing, I will love Him and He knows that I know what He did for me. And I know what He will do for me after I leave this earthly plane. He will give me a body that is free from need, no hunger, thirst, sickness and He will have me in His Almighty Presence, forever!
He is our God, and that says it all.
(Closing prayer)
Abba, our Father, please accept our praise. Please know that we worship you and thank You for everything You have given us. El Gibbor, give us the strength to overcome any temptations that come our way.  Allow us to see Your glory and make us ever grateful for all we receive. Please forgive us our transgressions and make us more like You.  As Jehovah Sabaoth, send Your angels to protect our sons and daughters who defend us from harm and strengthen their spirits. Jehovah Rophe, heal them in heart and body should they be harmed.
Lord, we look to You for everything and ask to be strengthened in our faith and ask that You be with us anytime we speak to others about You and Your glory.
We ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ who is One with You and The Holy Spirit. One God, forever and ever.
Amen, amen, amen.

Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr
God's Word Christian Ministry
Conservative Patriot

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