Saturday, February 18, 2023

 Terry Payne submits:

Babylon Bee.Com

'OK, Take Us To A Different Leader,' Say Exasperated Aliens After Trying To
Communicate With Joe Biden

U.S. <> *Feb 15, 2023 *

WASHINGTON, DC - An envoy of extraterrestrial beings stifled their
frustration and asked to be taken to a different leader after their initial
meeting with President Joe Biden left them confused and exasperated, sources
"I guess he's not the leader they were expecting," said an insider who spoke
on the condition of anonymity. "It was the classic sci-fi movie scenario,
with the aliens arriving and telling us, 'Take us to your leader.' We
quickly set up a meeting with President Biden, and things went downhill from
"The aliens were already asking why we kept shooting down their peace
offering balloons containing Hickory Farms cheese and sausage gift baskets,"
disclosed another source present at the meeting. "But I guess it really
started to get bad when the lead alien put out his hand to greet the
President, and Joe bent down and bit the creature's finger."
Reports indicate that relations between the two sides only grew worse after
the President began speaking. "The best we can tell, Joe had one of his
typical verbal gaffes," the source said. "He said something that was totally
unintelligible to us, but apparently, it sounded like some sort of horrible
slur in the aliens' language. The aliens were offended, voices were raised,
Joe may have messed his was a train wreck. Err, sorry, poor
choice of words."
At publishing time, the aliens were reportedly already asking to be taken to
a third leader after only spending 5 minutes trying to talk to Kamala

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