Monday, February 13, 2023

 Submitted by BobJen:

On that object shot down over Lake Huron today.
Issue is that feckless  Biden looked even MORE incompetent than usual with the first one so now, in a fitting display of junior high maturity (if even that) they are now claiming to shoot down things all over the place- Today it was over Lake Huron. The last one a couple days ago in Alaska (after the very first one) was probably a seagull or a kid's kite.

But all this is good news, as it shows how utterly feckless this administration is.... this is nothing more than a bunch of jr high level students playing in the White House and Pentagon. 

US Military Has 'Decommissioned' Another 'Object' Over Lake Huron: Congressman

The Canadian government (of course, Trudeau is even MORE incompetent than Biden, so that won't happen)  should be asking the American government a number of question:

  1. The exact coordinates where the engagement happened. One article talks about closing airspace over Lake Michigan but not Lake Huron.
  2. Was the object engaged in Canadian airspace? Were Canadian civil aviation authorities informed that a military action was about to occur near and possibly in Canadian airspace?
  3. Biden didn't want to shoot down the first balloon because the debris field was considered to be large and American lives might be at risk. What about Canadian lives? Did the debris field include Canadian territory?
  4. What munitions were used and how many? What is the field of risk in Canada of an errant air-to-air missile?
  5. Were the prime minister and minister of defense informed of the action ahead of time?
  6. Who shot down the object over the Yukon?

The rational approach would have been to shoot a couple of holes in it allowing a slow descent as gas escaped. The payload could have been recovered in one piece for analysis.

Bonus question that informed people are asking: Is this a psyop and what is its purpose? (answer: Yes, and it is to fool the leftist Boobus Americanus Leftisimii. )

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