Friday, January 20, 2023



White Plight Whitewashed by GOP

The whites who recognize their plight are understandably frustrated since they have no real outlet wherein they can effect a difference, and therefore they remain gripped by their gripes. The largely dull, deceived and dumbed down general mass of whites, bereft of racial consciousness will grasp at any straw that seems to address their unease within their dismaying situation.

By Sidney Secular

Is The Fix In For Vice President Hillary Clinton?

At any rate, the media has been full of “go away Joe” stories now for months. That’s no accident, redolent of the Cold War days when, if one wanted an idea of what was happening behind the scenes in Moscow, one read Pravda. Those falling out of favor would usually first be scolded in that paper or on Vremya, the Soviet TV news station.

By Jeffrey Dover

When Will ‘Woke’ Come Crashing Down?

There’s always some tyrant, some cabal, who wants to rule the world: it’s a dynamic of history. Some get farther than others, but none has ever reached the finish line. Every form of crime and cruelty has been enlisted for that purpose. It’s no different now. The technology changes, new crimes are invented, but the dynamic is the same.

By Lee Duigon

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