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Lindell Legal Offense Fund

Hello from Mike Lindell,


Interesting news is coming out of Maricopa County!


A new investigation into the computer issues surrounding election complaints is underway. This was one of the biggest stories of election fraud that happened during the 2022 general election. Everyone watched as the machines were failing! We also saw the Maricopa County election board declare that there was nothing to see! Just a normal everyday issue that happens all the time! Except it doesn’t.


Why the flip flop now? Is this a sincere effort or a cover up? 


Maricopa County says a former Arizona Supreme Court chief justice will lead an investigation into printer issues that caused problems for some voters on Election Day.


read here: 2022 Election: Maricopa County launches independent investigation into printer issues (


The Appeal for Kari Lakes’ Arizona Election Lawsuit has been filed! <<>>


Just under 800 pages were submitted on behalf the people of Arizona who have been disenfranchised. Their voices will be heard! We will not accept the sacred vote being destroyed by cowardice and election manipulation.  I believe we are closer than ever to having legal relief in this unprecedented case!


It turns out that in addition to rigging the Arizona Election with all the now known and recognized methods of ballot harvesting, illegal vote submission, machine manipulation and violating Arizona law in election procedures- we now have the SOS at the time, Katie Hobbs, engaging in silencing her competitors first amendment rights!




“Just a few short days ago the public learned that Secretary Hobbs and Maricopa County election officials, including Recorder Stephen Richer, participated in an unconstitutional government censorship operation using an Election Misinformation Reporting Portal created by the Department of homeland Security (DHS) and the Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency (CISA).    State and local officials sent censorship requests to the Election Misinformation Reporting Portal, which the federal government, in partnership with social media companies and other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, would then remove Speech they did not like from public view. Hobbs, Richer and others participated in this secret censorship operation.”- page 2 “Summary of Case”


The People of Arizona deserves relief! The people in charge were actively engaged in schemes to shut their opposition down using our Federal Government agencies!  HIGHLY ILLEGAL!


UPDATES: The Kari Lake Appeal has been filed, it was submitted to the Supreme court and the Arizona Supreme Court has not bounced it back to the Appeals court. More coming on that!


While other law firms are backing away from this incredible lift, the Lindell Legal Offense fund is staying the course!  With this new information and more “misconduct” committed by election officials, federal agencies, and Kati Hobbs herself, we cannot walk away from this effort. In fact, we are doubling down.


We know how to fight this battle; we know how to win. Our team has been working for over 2 years litigating and learning how these battles are won. We will not stop!


I'm here to confirm: The Lindell Legal Offense Fund will continue to support the fight for election truth in Arizona and across our country!


So much about the Arizona governor's race didn't pass the smell test. Beyond Kari Lake having her opponent in charge of counting the ballots, there were severe issues with misprinted ballots, broken tabulation machines, and more than 300,000 mail-in ballots without a legally required chain of custody. All those facts matter in a statewide election that was decided by fewer than 17,000 votes! So Corrupt!

We will continue to be on the offense!

Take a stand for our country and fight against stolen elections. The Lindell Legal Offense Fund needs your immediate support TODAY to save our county! Please donate:

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A personal note: As you have witnessed this past 3 years, I am all in to save our country from selections, where bad actors are being chosen to rule over us. They don’t seem to have our best interest in mind, and we are seeing the impact on every level of government. I want you to know, I am running for RNC chairman to drain the swamp and implement real solutions to restore our elections. We cannot allow the selection of our representatives anymore. This is the biggest issue facing our country and we must fix it NOW. I told you I would give everything I have and do whatever it takes to save our country. With God’s help, I intend to do just that.

God bless, 


Mike Lindell

Lindell Legal Offense Fund


P.S. -- Please watch this video and circulate it widely-- Americans like you and I don't deserve to have the FBI harass us because we are challenging election integrity! It’s time for accountability!

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