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Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt,
and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven,
where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Matthew 6:19-21 KJV

Shalom Tevet Blessings Mishpacha

Situation WW3 Updates 1/9/23 Brazil War - Food Shortge List - Parasitic Trends - Vegas Grid

Situation Update, Jan 9, 2022 - Brazil's UPRISING the first of MANY to come in 2023
vid> (1:11:16) HRR

vid> Brazil investigates after storming of Congress by backers of Bolsonaro, known as 'Trump of Tropics'

In scenes of chaos and destruction reminiscent of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol,
Brazilian rioters broke through police barricades and gained entry to government buildings.

30 pix> Bolsonaro supporters storm Brazil’s congress in support of the former president


LIVE @ 8: Uncensored: The Time to Prepare for Catastrophic Food Shortages is NOW! With Clayton Llewellyn
Maria Zeee is joined by Clayton Llewellyn for an honest and urgent discussion about the true level of
food shortages that are coming our way. It affects every country, and it's much worse than we thought.
A List Of 33 Things We Know About The Coming Food Shortages

Dr. Jane welcomes Edward Dowd, former Blackrock analyst who reviews the unmistakable proof of increased deaths from the C19 shots in all-cause mortality across the U.S. and the world after a reported 2/3 of the population has taken the bioweapon shots. There is no denying the mass genocide operation underway.   STEW PETERS Stew Peters Complete Shows


Ginny Linn reports ...
Doug Casey's Take [ep.#227] 8 Parasitic Trends Shaping 2023
vid> (52:51) 12/28/22


Kitty Hawk reports ...
BLACKOUT! 13 Vegas Property Terror Incident Rocks the Strip
vid> (12:34) 1/8/23 Lisa Haven
Terror Attack on Las Vegas Power Grid Covered Up
by Media Blackout: Man Arrested for Arson and Terrorism!

They go after our Food  supplies , 105 production plant go up in flame,  Propane tanks blew...?   Sure...  Multi Millions of chickens, Turkeys, cows and pigs are slaughtered because a few got bird flu or some cow sickness?  Like 2 or 3 in 1.4 Million Herd.  Now are Jihadists are going after the power stations....??   This report alone tells of 13 attacks,  How many more are we NOT hearing about??    if we have 3 inches of snow in Upstate NY  we get so many outages.  This is Because the British Co  National Grid does  very little if any maintenance  and or upgrades.  Where Niagra Mohawk used to upgrade all the while.  Hmm??
We are heading from BAD To Worse...  and No one Cares  the MSM don't even bother doing stories.....   its  ALL BRoken.... ALL OF it !!!!


The Globalist Scourge
by Ray DiLorenzo - Editor

Before the term globalism became popular with those who claim to be smarter than we are, the world was a much happier place.  America was America, Europe was Europe.  The rest of the world was the rest of the world.  People make choices. We expected and loved to vive la différence.  It was not a perfect world and never will be as long as mankind has his/her way and God is left out of the picture. Our government is drowning in either incompetence or treason. When globalism gets into governance, then God, if anyone’s listening, and history have much to say.  It is demonic at its core. Globalism exalts man, not God.  Look at those who built the Tower of Babel.


SOTT Earth Changes Summary - December 2022: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs
vid> (20:39)  SIGNS OF THE TIMES

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 7, 2023, #387
vid> (55:30)

Extreme weather whiplash is now the norm, how much worse will it get? Mainstream media has been continuously sensationalizing the storms impacting the Western US, how much rain are they going to grant us? The climate engineers can alter the equation any time they want. What haven't Americans been told about Europe's recent record shattering weather? How deep is the deception in the entire weather reporting industry? How much are they hiding? Who are they serving? How long do we have if climate engineering isn't exposed and halted?  DANE WIGINGTON
The DIMMING - Dane Wigington
vid> (1:56:50) 3/10/21



Biden Just BLEW IT! Gives Republicans EVERYTHING They Need To END His REIGN!
vid> (16:23) 1/6/23


WW3?! Putin Gives Nod, Sends Warships…U.S. Forces On High Alert!
vid> (10:51) 1/5/23

Vladimir Putin sends warship armed with hypersonic missile past UK on Atlantic mission

That’s Odd? Three Simultaneous Predictions Are Now Drawing The Attention Of Millions Of AMERICANS!
vid> (11:55) 1/3/23


Rev. Franklin Graham Just Issued a Dire Warning For 2023…
vid> (10:58) 1/2/23




vid> Florida Rep. Byron Donalds reveals committee appointment in exchange for McCarthy House speaker vote.
To become House speaker, McCarthy had to make concessions to a group of hard-liners
who refused to support him until he yielded to their demands

vid> Time to defund NPR over porn for kids
‘Gender Queer’ author’s NPR essay omits how her book included drawings of sex acts

vid> United Kingdom teachers want to re-educate teenage students “brainwashed” by controversial influencer : report
- Andrew Tate, 36, has created a social media firestorm with his outlandish comments on women, their intelligence and their work ethic

vid> Washington Post slammed for 'normalizing,' 'minimizing' pedophilia: ‘Part of the depravity’
One critic accused WaPo of 'trying to redefine societal standards'

vid> Montana shooting leaves 1 dead, another injured as gunman barricaded in residence
The suspect has been taken into custody

vid> The Satanic Temple dedicating 'largest satanic gathering in history' to Boston mayor, will require masks
SatanCon 2023 will require surgical masks and proof of COVID-19 vaccination

vid> Who keeps calling me? Look up numbers flagged as potential robocalls or spam



Ben Davidson reporting ...
More Solar Flares and CMEs, Activity Rising | S0 News Jan.9.2023
vid> (2:39)
The Sun Triggers Big Earthquakes
vid> (2:46) 1/8/23 Ben Davidson

Tyler truth ...
I've Never Seen Activity Like This.. They're Appearing Everywhere
vid> (22:30) 1/8/23

vid> Just How Bad Has This Winter Been? January 8, 2023
A look at who has seen the worst winter weather so far this season.

vid> Snowmobilers Die In Colorado Avalanche, Weather Conditions Force Rescuer Retreat January 9, 2023
Two snowmobilers have died after being buried in snow in Grand County, Colorado. Rescuers were not able to reach both victims right away due to dangerous weather conditions.

vid> Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Resumes Eruptions After A Short Pause January 9, 2023
The Kilauea volcano is erupting in Hawaii after pausing in December.

vid> California Earthquake Seen On Grocery Store Security Camera January 8, 2023
The camera was in a grocery store in Humboldt County, where the quake was centered.


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