Friday, January 6, 2023


The Dan Bongino Show
January 6, 2023

The Dan Bongino Show Ep 1923We are winning. Major concessions are being made that will empower conservatives, while restraining the swamp. In this episode, I address the breaking news. I also address the shocking Biden amnesty plan. 
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This Week on Unfiltered With Dan Bongino: Exposing The Real Clown Show

Democrats and media hacks keep talking about the “embarrassing” race for Speaker on Capitol Hill. Really? Tune in to Dan’s show Unfiltered this Saturday on Fox News at 9pm ET where he’ll address the REAL clowns - the Democrats.

Bongino Report

Trump Reacts to Being Nominated for House Speaker

As of writing, Kevin McCarthy’s bid for speaker has gone down in flames eleven times, with the House holding more votes for speaker than any time since before the Civil War. With no signs of holdouts budging, negotiations and votes are expected to head into the weekend.

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