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Maryland Pays the Price For Supporting Sanctuary Policies

With Montgomery County Leading The Way!


Maryland - Cause and Effect

Now here is a shocker for the New Year. Montgomery County has been housing illegal aliens shipped to the area by Arizona and Texas. Can you believe it? No mention about the tens of thousands of illegals the Biden Administration has shipped north. Nope, just AZ and TX are the problem.

Seems a local sanctuary church could not handle the overflow so the MoCo Government donated a building in Rockville to house the border jumpers on a "temporary basis". Although they admit 10%+ stay in the area. Almost all are from South of the Border.

The location of the Sanctuary building has not been disclosed, but you can be assured that Casa of Maryland, Identity Inc, Catholic Charities, Jews United for Justice and others know where it is. Its just us taxpaying citizens who do not know!

A Special Prize for the first citizen who identifies the illegal alien "rest stop" location in Rockville!

MoCo Chief Administration Officer Earl Stoddard, who is handling this mess, of course blames Texas and Arizona for the problem of illegals. Clearly Earl needs more training (not Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) as MoCo spends millions annually (directly and indirectly) to aid and abet illegals in our Sanctuary County, well before Earl got this cushy job with the county in 2021.

Does Earl have a clue if he is hosting wanted criminals or rapists? Is ICE allowed to drop by for a "meet and greet"? I think not. I hope the illegals are all wearing COVID masks.

Expect Even More Uneducated Illegals in Maryland

Biden ramps up amnesty program for 4 Third World nations (Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba). We need educated, talented, legal immigrants, who want to become Americans. Not more uneducated, unhealthy, poor folk from failed nations who want a handout.

An Illegal Alien's Travel Tale To Montgomery County - The Promised Land Of Unlimited Programs and Services For Border Jumpers

Here is a typical leftist tale as told by leftists of an illegal alien family coming to America and Montgomery County, this time from Guatemala. Seems some pressure from gangs in Guatemala "forced" the family to leave and head for America. Were the illegals aware we actually have bigger and more violent brown and black gangs here in America? Why not just stay in Mexico or other Central American nations? These folks are not refugees and do not qualify for asylum. Frankly, family should have been turned around at the border and shipped back south.

Why, because we got freebies galore here. Notice the mention of all the FREE taxpayer funded and other programs involved in making things just peachy for the illegals in Maryland. Even the Embassy of Guatemala has the chutzpah to help, but not take the illegals back home or solve their domestic gang issue! Remember, illegals pour billions of dollars back (from jobs they should not have) into their home countries (not into our country) to help remaining family members, so its a great "foreign aid bonanza" for the Guatemalan Government. Here are some of the MoCo goodies:

-Montgomery County Public School System (MCPS) - School Enrollment

-MCPS Point of Entry Project (PEP) - Assistance with free programs & services in Maryland

-Montgomery Cares and Care for Kids - Medical and Dental Care

-Food is Medicine Program - Free food

-Interfaith Works - Free clothes

-Casa of Maryland - Free cash to pay for citizenship paperwork

-Gilchrist Immigrant Resource Center - offers of smorgasbord of goodies for illegal aliens. From legal aid to ICE avoidance techniques and everything in-between (jobs, food, medical, translation services, "Stop Hate" help, etc), Gilchrist is a welcome oasis from the rule of law.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. And will be snowballing as more and more illegals are let into the country by Biden. I love the last line of article. Of course the Montgomery County Health Services did not review of approve the article. That would be directly aiding and abetting illegal immigration. Instead they quietly aid and abet!

"Kindness Carries Family from Guatemala to Maryland"

(Story shortened because I ran out of Kleenex)

 "What would it take for you to lose faith in humanity? How many times would people have to betray you and your family before you resigned yourself to never asking for help again?" 


SPOILER ALERT - Illegal Alien family asks for plenty of help at end of tale. If fact her new "job" is to assist other illegals abuse the system to milk local taxpayers!

Marta (her real name not disclosed for safety) made her way to Maryland from Guatemala this spring along with her husband, 9-year-old daughter, and one-year old son. Her relatives had lived in the U.S. for six years. They taught her how to navigate systems within the county, like enrolling kids in school with Montgomery County Public Schools [MCPS]. 


Marta’s nine-year old daughter was quickly enrolled and MCPS connected the family to the Point of Entry Project [PEP]. Celia Juarez, who leads the efforts connecting families to much-needed services, walked me through the family’s journey and the process of securing assistance for them. 


“When I first contacted her, I told her that I wanted to help get her kids access to health care. I explained to her what Montgomery Cares and Care For Kids is [health care coverage for adults and children without insurance, and administered by the Primary Care Coalition],” Juarez said. 


On top of Montgomery Cares, Celia connected Mart and her family to the Food is Medicine Program as well as Interfaith Works, an organization that provides free clothing. 

Celia remembers how grateful Marta was for the help. “She said, ‘Please enroll me. I don’t have food, I don’t have clothing, I don’t have anything.’ That’s when she told me about leaving everything behind.” 


Everything tangible at least. Celia even helped put Marta in touch with the Guatemalan embassy so that her family could get new passports. They lost them en route to the U.S. -- surviving a grueling journey that would make most people balk at the idea of asking a stranger for help, ever again. In total, the journey spanned three countries and ~4,000 miles.


But giving up was never an option for Marta. She and her family survived an impossibly difficult year. Marta and her family are now safe in Montgomery County. That fact that we’re able to write that sentence is a testament to her immeasurable strength; her unending belief in humanity. Hey, she broke the law getting here.

And my tax dollars are used without my permission!



 Marta lived in northern Guatemala with her husband and two children leading a relatively normal life. That was until April 2020 when a gang began vying for territorial control of her city. The gang started to extort monthly fees from homeowners and businesses in the city. Each family’s financial situation determined how much the gang would ask for each month. 


To collect the fees, gang members came by and literally threw them a phone. But this was no lifeline. Marta picked it up because refusal to pay or play along meant certain death. On the other end, a voice explained that they were four or five months behind on payments. Their options were to either pay up, give up their lives, or hand over their home. The choice was easy. 


Marta and her family were safe, but without a home and a debt of about Q32,000 (~$4,100). Leaving home was difficult for many reasons, but especially because it was the very thing she was hoping to use to pay back the people who kept her family afloat. “Those good people saved my life,” Marta told me through a translator. Finances had to take a backseat for the time being. Marta had to get her family to safety. And so her young kids and partner headed to Guatemala City. NOTE - Cheaper for Montgomery County to pay her debt, gang fees ($650 month) and keep the family in Guatemala.


In Guatemala City, Marta met a man offering a place to stay and a raft to get them to Tapachula, a city in Chiapas, all for $90. Under the circumstances, it would have been reasonable for Marta to be wary of any stranger offering assistance. “How can I trust this man?” she thought. “But I have kids, I must trust them.” 

On the way north, they met a young man who offered them a free ride. “At that point,” explained Marta, “you’ve lost every fear you can imagine. We trusted the man.”  

So they hopped into his tow truck, but along the way, men dressed as soldiers stopped them. The fake soldiers took the children’s birth certificates and all their passports. They were taken to a mountain by a group of Mexican drug traffickers. They were kidnapped.  NOTE - Did we all see this on Netflix?


Five days later, all spent in captivity with the traffickers, the family was taken to a police station. To their surprise, the young man awaited them. That meant the police were corrupt, aligned with the traffickers. Instead of helping them, the police asked the family for money. They had none, so the police beat them, and left them at a shelter.


The shelter housed all kinds of people from a number of nationalities. Coyotes, human traffickers, often stopped by, offering migrants a chance to cross the border.  The fee to cross is $1,500-$5,000 USD per person. Fortunately, Marta has family in the U.S. who sent the minimum amount needed for the coyotes to take them across the border. 


They walked until the Rio Grande Canyon in Texas where there was little coverage to hide. Immigration patrol coaxed out the parents by talking to the kids, and so they were caught. Immigration caught them.  


At the station, immigration officers took their fingerprints, interviewed them, and asked if they had American relatives. Marta contacted her relatives in Maryland who could afford the fine for crossing the border in addition to the trip to safety. After just two to three days – a relatively short stay that Marta attributes to her family being caught alone – the family was safe in Maryland, ready to rebuild their lives.  Note- My Guess is that Biden Administration flew them to Maryland.


Successfully connected to all services since her arrival in April of this year, Marta says she has everything again. Even more uplifting, she’s now helping other families connect to PEP. “If I see someone, I connect them to PEP, telling them that they can get Care For Kids for their children.  Instilling faith in humanity one connection at a time.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Live off Maryland taxpayers.

 *The article has not been reviewed or approved by Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)* 


More Diversity and Giveaways in Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Public School System (MCPS) wants to spend more than half of million dollars to make three additional elementary schools bilingual beyond the six already in the program - Half day English and half day Spanish. What?

The dual language two-way immersion model consists of school days equally balanced between presenting material to students in English and in another language. Kindergartners in Oneyda Chavez’s class at Rolling Terrace, for example, spend their mornings learning in English. After lunch, Chavez transitions to teaching in Spanish.

Here is what the MCPS says - "People of color make up the majority of Montgomery County residents, with 43% of the population identifying as white alone, according to the 2020 U.S. Census. The county’s diversity makes dual language learning particularly important, McKnight told reporters on Wednesday. The learning model allows students to “embrace language in a more cohesive way” and makes it easier for them to build community outside of the classroom, she said. Really? What the heck does that mean? Seems quite racist!

The Rolling Terrace school population is 74% Hispanic. That's diversity? Blacks are 15% and Whites 5%. Not sure this 20% is happy learning Spanish half the day. So much for Equity and Inclusion. Kids can't master math, social studies and science right now. Now add Spanish language on top of that! Last time I checked this was the USA, not Venezuela. Good lord, I would be pulling my kids out of that school and MCPS bigtime. No wonder MCPS is collapsing! This scam is being done in an attempt to solve the Hispanic illegal alien tidal wave problem in many MoCo schools, where kids barely know Spanish and zero English.

More Effect in Montgomery County

Growing crime and rapes, so MoCo wants to add another precinct and more cops. Especially in Silver Spring where the illegal aliens congregate. If you can hire more cops. Police are leaving MoCo because the county is soft on crime and illegal immigration.

Even More Effect In Maryland

Of course we need more tax dollars to take care of the illegal aliens in Maryland. Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), are the largest single group of employers in MD. And NGS's get tax dollars to help the illegals fit in. From traffickers and coyotes on the border to NGOs in our neighborhood, the circle is complete.

America's "Diversity"

The "Frankenstein monster" has been created - An Anchor Baby marries a DREAMer, then goes to Congress! Pushes for Amnesty for their kind of course.


Three down, 30 million to go! DHS is almost apologizing for catching these murderers and felons. Why are ICE agents following the orders of the neo-Confederate Biden Administration instead of following the Constitution?

Best Xmas/Hannukah Present of 2022

God Bless Texas! Kamala is joined for the holidays by her fellow illegal alien friends.

Colorado Joins The Party

Colorado's Democrat Governor is joining the party, and blames the Big Guy for his participation. Will be busing illegals to NYC and other big cities. Plenty of illegals already in Colorado, so Governor is sharing the wealth.

Is Anybody Still Home in Central and South America??

Record border crossings continue in November, while Joe steps on the gas petal in January. Joe may even visit the border in 2023!

North Carolina Yes, Maryland Hiding

Seems our illegal alien friends in North Carolina were having a joyous and productive holiday season. 15 illegals committed 41 child rapes/sexual assaults in December and were arrested. Unknown how many others escaped justice.

You can bet your last peso that the same thing is happening here in Montgomery County and across the state, except our politicians ditch the statistics in Maryland. Releasing the stats would be racist and uncaring.

Supreme Court steps up while GOP asleep at the wheel. Thank goodness President Trump loaded the Supreme Court with true Americans rather than (woke Latina or black judges).

Former President Trump is one of few GOP actually speaking out against border invasion.

Border Patrol Union blasts idiot White House Press Secretary

Have A Great 2023. But Don't Say "Illegal Aliens" Too Loudly!



“Diversity within a nation destroys unity and leads to civil wars. Immigration, a benefit during the youth of a nation, can act as a disease in its mature state. Too much internal diversity in large nations has led to violence and disintegration. We are now in the process of destabilizing our own country. The magic words of destabilizers are ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’.”

-social scientist Garret Hardin



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