Tuesday, January 17, 2023



Lightfoot Blames Staff For Asking Chicago Teachers To Give Extra Credit To Students Who Campaign For Her

imageChicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Sunday responded to reports that her re-election campaign made an "inappropriately coercive" request to get public school teachers to offer extra credit to students in exchange for helping her "win." On MSNBC's "The Sunday Show," the Democratic politician admitted to the wrongdoing, which is now under investigation, saying it "was simply a mistake."

Cartel Linked To Execution-Style Killings Of 6, Including Teen Mother And Baby In California: Sheriff

imageSix people including a six-month-old baby cradled in the arms of her 17-year-old mother were shot dead at a home in California's main agricultural valley on Monday in what authorities called a "cartel-style execution" with a link to gangs and illegal drugs.

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Progressive Critics Target NYC Mayor Adams' Approach To Migrant Crisis At MLK Day Event

imageRev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy became a political cudgel Monday as Mayor Adams and his critics took swipes at each other over New York City's migrant crisis while attending an event honoring the late civil rights hero.

What Wokists Can Learn From Martin Luther King Jr.

imageMartin Luther King Jr. was more than a great pastor and civil rights leader. He had a deeply discerning mind that focused on timeless truths. The holiday in his commemoration is not only the time to celebrate his depth, character, and accomplishments, but it is also an occasion to reflect on the conditioning and brainwashing that characterize today's woke culture ...

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Supreme Court To Hear Transgender Illegal Immigrant's Case Against Biden Administration

imageThe U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Jan. 17 in a case brought by a transgender illegal immigrant against the Biden administration. At issue is a section of U.S. immigration law that states illegal aliens must exhaust "all administrative remedies available to the alien as of right" before appealing the decision in the courts.

Mission No. 1 For The US House Of Representatives: US National Security

imageLast week, we learned classified documents have been found in various places where President Joe Biden "inadvertently," "unintentionally" or "mistakenly" "stored" or "misplaced" them. All those verbs and adverbs have been used in the ensuing media circus.

2nd Colorado Library Closes Due To Meth Contamination

imageOfficials in the Denver suburb of Englewood shut down the city library last week within a couple of hours of getting test results Wednesday showing that the contamination in the facility's restrooms exceeded state thresholds, city spokesman Chris Harguth said.

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Learn more about Jeeng

Outrageous: LAPD Chief Bans The 'Blue Lives Matter' Flag At Los Angeles Police Stations

imageSo Los Angeles has a new mayor -- the far-left Karen Bass, and it hasn't taken long for changes to kick in, letting the police know she doesn't have their back. Latest news is this diktat from above, as reported by Fox News:

Biden Slams 'Fiscally Demented' Republicans In MLK Day Speech

imagePresident Joe Biden blasted House Republicans on Monday during a Martin Luther King Jr., Day breakfast in Washington, D.C., vowing to veto their tax legislation and referring to the GOP as "fiscally demented. They're gonna talk about big-spending Democrats again," Biden said.

What Would MLK Think Of Biden And Democrats Today?

imageThe legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of hope for America. King dreamed of a colorblind society, where people were judged on merit rather than skin color. What would MLK think of America today?

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