Monday, January 23, 2023



Manhunt Underway After 10 killed, 10 Injured in Mass Shooting Outside of Los Angeles

Sadly, no one in the crowd had a legal firearm to take out this animal, thanks to California's strict gun control laws (the toughest in the nation). In today's Democrat-run lawless towns and cities, legal firearms are essential.

Democrats only ...

35-Year-Old Middle School Coach and Teacher Dies Suddenly in Front of His Class

This is the new norm. Speak out and risk your name, your livelihood, your reputation. Those of us who arned against the rush to vaccine without proper trials were smeared, defamed libeled. We were right and yet there has been no mea culpa. The ...

38 People on the FBI’s Terror Watch List Captured at Southern Border Since October

Democrats want horror. Democrats want chaos. Democrats want bloodshed.

Men who were on the FBI's Terror Watch list were busted by the Border Patrol illegally entering the United States in the El Centro sector, officials said Monday.

38 ...

Elon Musk: ‘Felt Like I Was Dying’ After COVID Vaccine

CDC V-safe data show 7-8% of Americans get so sick they have to go to the hospital.And still these Democrat villains are mandating the vaccine. It's war-fare.

I had major side effects from my second booster shot. Felt like I was dying for ...

Far-Left Radio Host Says He Saw Biden ‘Talking to a Ghost’

The signals are everywhere that the Leftist political and media elites have decided that it’s getting to be time for Old Joe Biden to stop pretending to be president and exit the stage. The very fact that classified documents dating from his vice ...

RASHIDA’S RAGE: Jew-Hating Tlaib ‘Outraged’ State Dept Building US Embassy in Jerusalem

Rep. Rashida Tlaib is a vile and vicious anti-Semite. Her unhinged attacks against Israel are debasing the United States Congress. Speaker Keven McCarthy should have removed Tlaib from her committee assignments. Just as he did with Rep. Ilhan Omar. ...

Inside Democrats’ Newest Election Takeover Scheme

They just don't stop. And nothing and no one stops them.

Inside Democrats’ Newest Election Takeover Scheme: Report Unmasks ‘Dark Money’ Group You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The report reveals how the U.S. Alliance for Election ...

Trump Leads DeSantis by 20 points for GOP nomination in 2024: Poll

Nothing you see or hear in the media reflects this massive movement. Everything you are fed is a lie.

And President Trump hasn't even begun campaigning yet. Yet, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, Mitt Romney, and the rest of the useless Republican ...

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