Thursday, December 22, 2022



Open Borders, Promoting and Caring For Invaders is Constitutional Treason

Nothing so harmful and destructive has ever been done to our country and its people before, not even the 2 World Wars...nothing! America’s borders must be closed and the invaders deported, or the country as we knew it is over. All of the sacrifices and deaths for the Republic since its founding will have been in vain.

By Andrew Wallace

Yes, It’s World War III

We have not yet learned how to defend ourselves against an enemy that hides in the shadows, lies to us with skill and daring, drapes itself in robes of “science” and “democracy,” has no problem with calling evil good and good, evil, corrupts and bamboozles us at every turn, and thinks itself a god walking on the earth.

By Lee Duigon

This Christmas: A Letter of Thanks to My Dad

When I finally breathe my last breath, I want you to know that I made you proud. I honored you in my daily life. I know that you were never a famous man…and at the same time, you’ve been the highest towering figure in my life. I sure hope you’re still umpiring behind the plate in Heaven.

By Frosty Wooldridge

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