Thursday, December 22, 2022

 J Cryots submits:

More voter fraud across the board in Maricopa County, AZ, how far will Americans 'allow' this to go ????????

"Two unsuccessful candidates in last month’s elections in Arizona are voicing concerns that an increase in the number of inactive or deactivated voters could have had an impact on their defeats.

Republican Josh Barnett, who lost his contest for Arizona’s First Congressional District, filed a lawsuit citing the increase among the factors that led to the election being improperly conducted.

The lawsuit, filed on Nov. 29, was dismissed in early December by a Maricopa County Superior Court. It is unclear whether Barnett will appeal the ruling.

Republican Christian Lamar, who lost his Second District state House race, told the The Arizona Sun Times this week that the numbers in his district do not add up.

“So far, a majority of 7,400 ‘newly found’ voters in my district still have a status of deactivated or removed. Also, they are mostly party not determined (unaffiliated) and more Democrats than Republicans in ‘newly found’ voters. From mostly blue precincts too,” Lamar said."

(So, the lying, cheating election workers all over Maricopa county, AZ simply add thousands of ineligible voters to the rolls of voters in their district, so then, when their politicians [who cannot win honestly] simply 'FIND' enough ballots, [like their lyinjg, cheating gubernatorial candidate did], it's "oh, I just found XXXXXXXX ballots in a closet, so we win")  !!!!!!!!

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