Wednesday, December 21, 2022



Stacey Abrams's Failure To Pay Her Campaign Staff And Vendors Lays Out Democrat Hypocrisy

imageAfter raising more than $100 million in her second failed attempt to become governor of Georgia, the Stacey Abrams campaign now owes more than $1 million in debt to vendors who worked for her campaign. Her myriad admirers in the media lauded Abrams for her fundraising prowess.

MAGA Voters Want 'Trump Republicanism,' But Do They Want Trump?

imageA new survey from USA Today/Suffolk University shows that by a 2-1 margin, GOP and GOP-leaning voters say they like President Trump's policies, but they want a different standard bearer to carry them out.

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Universities May Drop Algebra Graduation Requirement Because Students Find Algebra Too Difficult

imageNPR Kansas recently reported: "About one in three Kansas students fails college algebra the first time around. Some take it several times before they pass. Others get so frustrated that they drop out altogether. And that cuts into university graduation rates."

Buffalo City Sues Firearms Makers, Claiming They Are Fueling Violence

imageThe city of Buffalo, New York, has filed a lawsuit in state court against firearms manufacturers and distributors, as well as ghost firearms companies, for their alleged fueling of violence. Mayor Byron Brown announced the lawsuit on Dec. 20, which he said was the first of its kind. It was filed in state Supreme Court.

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AG Moody: ICE Deposition Video Is Evidence Of Biden's Immigration Plan

imageFlorida Attorney General Ashley Moody made public an ICE training video obtained by her office as part of the litigation process in a lawsuit the state filed against the Biden administration in September. The partially redacted video, she said, is "evidence of President Joe Biden's intentional destruction of the nation's immigration system."

Rhode Island Officials Evict Homeless From Capitol Grounds

imageRhode Island officials have taken down a makeshift homeless encampment outside the state capitol building after a judge sided with Gov. Dan McKee's push to evict the inhabitants.

Harris Demands Social Media Companies 'Cooperate And Work With Us' On 'Protecting Our Democracy'

imageVice President Kamala Harris said on Monday that she expects and "would require" social media companies to work with the Biden administration to prevent so-called misinformation and disinformation, and to "protect democracy."

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Naked Politics: Democrats Vote To Release Former President's Private Tax Returns To The Public

imageThe House Ways and Means Committee voted Tuesday to publicly release six years of Donald Trump's tax returns, following years of Democratic efforts to secure the former president's financial records as Republicans take control of the House next month.

State Of EMERGENCY! Democrat Mayor Calls Out Biden's Border Crisis

imageRepublicans aren't the only ones fed up with Joe Biden's open borders policy which has led to a border crisis of historic proportions. Now, the Democrat mayor of El Paso, Texas has declared a state of emergency as the city experiences thousand of illegal border crossings per day.

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