Tuesday, September 13, 2022



  2. Trump Golf Trip in D.C. Spawns Liberal Hysteria  2 hours ago
  3. NPR Promotes Sex Ed for Kindergartners  2 hours ago
  4. Emergency Oil Reserves Lowest Since 1984 as Biden Depletes Them  3 hours ago
  5. Senate Bill Ends Vax Mandate for D.C. Schools  3 hours ago
  6. Fact Checkers Ignore KJP’s Lies  3 hours ago
  7. Hunter Confidants Suspect “Second Laptop”  3 hours ago
  8. Border Patrol: Most Coming From 115 Dif Countries  3 hours ago
  9. Taiwan’s Lessons from the War in Ukraine  3 hours ago
  10. McCarthy: “Real Concern” Over Biden’s Foreign Policies  3 hours ago
  11. Russian State Media Grapples With Ukraine Defeats  3 hours ago
  12. “Woke” Politics to Blame for Falling Military Recruitment?  3 hours ago
  13. Joyful Residents Return Following Russian Retreat  3 hours ago
  14. Maybe We Want Things to Get Even Worse  3 hours ago
  15. Congress: Money for Ukraine, Not 9/11 Responders?  3 hours ago
  16. Iran reveals new suicide drone designed to hit Tel Aviv…  4 hours ago
  17. The Seven-Least Covered Kamala Blunders  5 hours ago
  18. Biden: This Is the United States of Kamara for God’s Sake  5 hours ago
  19. Kari Lake’s Opponent Is Scared of Debating Her  5 hours ago
  20. Biden’s Secret Voter Plan  5 hours ago
  21. Election Experts Predict Large Gains for GOP in Midterms  5 hours ago
  22. Patty Murray Questioned ’04 Election, Slams Opponent for 2020  5 hours ago
  23. Repub Governors Demand Biden Withdraw Student Bailout  5 hours ago
  24. Border Sheriffs Mock Complaining Sanctuary City Mayors  5 hours ago
  25. YouGov Poll: 37% See Civil War Coming  5 hours ago
  26. Seattle Keeps Losing Police Amid Major Crime Surge  5 hours ago
  27. Cruz: If GOP Wins Senate, Religious Freedom Priority  5 hours ago
  28. Chick-fil‑A Tweet Causes Mass Outrage  5 hours ago
  29. Teacher Fired for Saying Don’t Judge Pedophiles Harshly  5 hours ago
  30. Biden Urged to Drop Title IX Reform  5 hours ago
  31. 15,000 Union Nurses Walk Out on Strike  5 hours ago
  32. Bitcoin Is On the Rise Once Again  5 hours ago
  33. Americans Pay Cut OK To Keep Work From Home  5 hours ago
  34. DOJ Short Selling Probe Looks at Bets on Major Corps  5 hours ago
  35. Americans’ Pessimism About Business Soars  5 hours ago
  36. Capital Markets Freeze Up as Market Volatility Persists  5 hours ago
  37. How Modern Monetary Theory Lost  5 hours ago
  38. Price Controls Have Failed for 4,000 Years  5 hours ago
  39. Biden DOJ, “Classified” Mar-a-Lago Docs, & Media Leaks  5 hours ago
  40. VP Harris Compares 9/11 Attacks to Trump Supporters  5 hours ago
  41. Trump Team Accuses DOJ of Inciting Chaos  5 hours ago
  42. Former Principal Charged: Allegedly Shoved Special Needs Kids  5 hours ago
  43. CA to Spend $54B on Climate With No Real Plan  5 hours ago
  44. Biden Admin Plotted Trump Raid While Negotiating With Terrorists  5 hours ago
  45. Threatened Rail Labor Strike Equals Pain for Everyone  11 hours ago
  46. When ‘Masculine Christianity’ Becomes Dangerous  11 hours ago
  47. GOP Must Answer Biden’s Border Crisis  11 hours ago
  48. Dems Desperate to Deliver Last-Minute Favors to Big Labor Bosses  11 hours ago
  49. Are ‘MAGA Republicans’ Fascists?  11 hours ago
  50. Lying Biden Claims Progress in Fighting Inflation  18 hours ago
  51. State-Funded Media? CA Bails Out Berkeley Journo Prog  21 hours ago
  52. Biden Loosens Tech Export Rules to CCP Firms  22 hours ago
  53. Repubs Demand Garland Enforce “Basic” Election Law  22 hours ago
  54. Defensive Gun Use 4x More Common Than Violent  23 hours ago
  55. U.S. National Debt Nears $31 Trillion  23 hours ago
  56. Sex Traffickers Nabbed: Disney Employees and Deputy  23 hours ago
  57. Taxes More Than Food, Health, School, & Clothes  24 hours ago
  58. NY Gov. Gave COVID Contract to Donor’s Company  24 hours ago
  59. Rep. Jayapal Includes Hijackers in 9/11 Death Toll  24 hours ago
  60. Biden to Attend Elizabeth’s Funeral W/O Delegation  24 hours ago

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