Tuesday, September 13, 2022



I NEED your help, and I need it ASAP!

My Campaign Manager just called me and told me some nerve-racking news. He told me that if we lose in Pennsylvania, Republicans have no shot at Taking Back the Senate. My Democrat opponent John Fetterman is completely outraising me, and I am not on track to reach my monthly fundraising goal.

Election day is less than 60 days away…if election day were tomorrow - we would lose.

Can you donate anything you can RIGHT NOW?

If John Fetterman continues to take the lead in the polls - Democrats will stay in control, and double down on all the damage they’ve caused over the past two years.


I encourage you to ask yourself - next year, when you are paying even MORE money at the gas station, experiencing higher inflation, crime is skyrocketing, and the American dream is fading - Will you regret not chipping in?

Chip in now, so you won’t have to pay WAY more later…

I am humbly asking YOU to chip in just $10 or $15. I rely on grassroots support, not big mega-donors. I desperately need your help. A little goes a very long way.

I need you - Pennsylvania needs you,

God Bless,

Doctor Oz For Senate
Dr. Mehmet Oz


Dr. Mehmet Oz is a Trump-endorsed, America First Conservative running for U.S. Senate to reignite our divine spark, fight for freedom and return the power to you. Donate $25 today to ensure that he has the support he needs to become Pennsylvania’s next Senator.

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