Saturday, September 10, 2022



Intelligence and the 9/11/2001 Events

So, if after Biden’s clear and to the point threatening speech —which actually means that the so-called “semi-fascists”[11] will eventually lose all citizen’s rights, particularly their right to vote— you still think that just by electing members of the Repucratic Party [12] approved by the Permanent Regime you will solve America’s problems, you are a very gullible person ... or worse!

By Servando Gonzales

What is the “Supreme Law of this Land” Today?

But if the Constitution and Bill of Rights are still the Supreme Law of this Land, then we need only enforce it. Contrary to common modern false beliefs, we never did have any Rights beyond those we are willing to fight and die for. Our Founding documents tell us what our Rights are, but it is up to us to enforce them.

By Lex Greene

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