Saturday, September 10, 2022




More than ten years ago, I stepped off the bus and into Officer Basic Training to become a Marine.

During Officer Basic Training, I went through weapons and combat training, extensive military history classes, and drill – but beyond all the physical training, I was taught that everything is earned, never given.

After countless hours, too many pull-ups to count, and hard work – I was commissioned as an Officer, got my official pin, and earned my spot in the Marines. It wasn’t easy. Things that are great rarely are.

Today, I’m training to serve my country in a different capacity. Instead of weapons and combat training, I’m knocking on doors, and talking to constituents. Rather than history lessons, I’m sending emails just like this one. I subbed out pull-ups for putting up campaign signs.

All this training is still for the same purpose: to serve Americans and protect our great nation from threats both foreign and domestic.

Today, let me earn your support because I know it is too valuable to just be given freely.


I’m fighting to bring the values I learned in the Marine Corps to Washington. Honor, courage, commitment. Far too many folks in Washington are too busy playing partisan politics, instead of doing the work of the people. I’m on a mission to change that.

I decided to run for Congress because my children and yours deserve a better future – and someone had to step up and fix the broken system in Washington. I owe it to my children to defend our country from the politicians that want to fundamentally change America.

Today, I am asking for a chance to earn your support.


I know that saving our country from the radical Democrats goes far beyond what I can do on the frontlines of Washington, but I also know that winning this race is our best chance at taking our country back.

Just like I earned a spot to serve in the Marine Corps, with your essential support, I hope to earn a spot in Congress, so I can continue to answer the call for service.

As Marines, we succeed or fail based on the men and women to our right and to our left. We win together and we lose together. Join me in this essential fight.

In service,
Tyler Kistner
Tyler Kistner
Father. Husband. Marine.

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