Sunday, September 11, 2022



while career criminals in this country keep being released
How Would We React to 9/11 Today? – Republican Daily
This country never learns; after this we had 2 badministrations wherein  Ovomit sought
to kiss the asses of the ragheads; followed during Obiteme who is clueless - begging for oil in
the Middle East, after turning off our spigot.  During the space in between we had
a president who stood for us and established a much calmer more peaceful climate in
the Middle East only to be undone by the blundering O'Biden.  Spare me your crocodile
tears America.  You never learn.  A few perfunctory mentions of this horrendous day
in history does not quite cut it  Never forget?   This all was forgotten long ago

These freaks feel the need to spread their poison in every walk of life

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