Wednesday, September 21, 2022

 Submitted by: Stewart Reeves



According to the American Petroleum Institute, we have enough oil in North America to fuel every single passenger car and long-haul truck for the next 430 years. We have enough natural gas to provide electricity for every business and household for the next 535 years and enough coal to provide electricity for about 500 years. So, don’t you think that in 430 years we will have developed alternative fuel sources? Why then did Joe Biden sacrifice America’s energy independence, cease all exploration for oil and gas, abandon pipeline development and drive-up prices of gasoline, heating oil, and jet fuel and make us once again dependent on foreign oil?


Isn’t it curious that in some states like California, Washington, Illinois, and New York, shoplifting of items less than $950 is not a crime but the Biden Build Back Better calls for hiring 87,000 IRS agents to monitor individual banking transactions of $600 or more?  Fascinating.


Someone needs to educate me as to how we are going to produce all the batteries needed to facilitate a transition away from fossil fuels to battery-driven vehicles when the basic ingredients for batteries are all found in rare minerals such as lithium, cobalt, and zinc and others, all of which must be mined in countries not exactly friendly to us.


Also, if you have ever driven on the Cross Bronx Expressway or the 405 in Southern California and were stuck in traffic, how exactly will the repair truck reach a disabled vehicle before their battery dies…along with the batteries of all the other vehicles in traffic? When will construction start to build the 500,000 battery charging stations Joe Biden told us about? Where will they be situated? Won’t they be powered by burning fossil fuels? 


If you ever feel like you haven’t accomplished anything, try to remember that it took 20 years, trillions of dollars and four Presidents to replace the Taliban in Afghanistan with………. the Taliban.


Let me try to understand this:  We can’t seem to find illegals to deport, but we can sure find them to give them money! How does that work?



If you think your job is hard and you are unappreciated, think about the poor slob who serves as the sign language interpreter for Joe Biden.


If there were a barnyard election, the cows, pigs and chickens would always vote for the person who feeds them and gives them treats, even though that same person is going to slaughter them someday.


That same philosophy is the very definition of socialism.

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