Wednesday, September 21, 2022

 Submitted by: Jackie Juntti

Have to try to save this election  -----  The money being spent to provide for these Illegal INVADERS

could be used to provide housing and benefits for all those homeless veterans.


Anyone who casts a vote for any - yes, ANY - Democrat is guilty of aiding and abetting the ENEMY WITHIN.


Jackie Juntti



Joe Biden Admits Defeat–Quietly Resumes Trump’s Biggest Program


The White House has had a heck of a time trying to deflect from the border crisis. But these Republican governors keep making it their problem!

Governors of Texas and Arizona (and now the liberal leaders of El Paso) have been bussing illegal aliens to New York, D.C., and Chicago. Democrats have outed themselves as hypocrites as they’ve complained they don’t have the resources to put up with just a fraction of the illegals who have overrun the border.

But the losers of Martha’s Vineyard took the cake when they refused to help just 50 aliens flown in by the Governor of Florida. That must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Because Biden has just done the unthinkable.


Myles Traphagen didn’t need a government presentation to tell him that border wall construction was kicking back up…

Six days after Traphagen’s visit, U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed that work on the border wall that began under Trump is revving back up under Biden…

The resumed operations will range from repairing gates and roads to filling gaps in the wall that were left following the pause on construction that Biden initiated in January 2021…

Starting next month, contractors will return to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona to resume work on the wall, senior CBP officials said in a public webinar. [Source: The Intercept]

Lol, this is rich. The Biden administration is trying to spin this as much as they can. It is claiming that they have to resume building the wall because it has done damage to the environment.

Right. Because you should resume work on a project that is hurting the environment? The environment in question is miles of endless, worthless desert that even animals hate. What was the wall hurting?

The truth of the matter is, that the environmental damage was only done after Biden ended the project.

Contractors were clearing land and digging to build the fencing. But when Biden pulled the plug, they literally dropped everything and left. Expensive material was left to rot in the Sun, leaving the project unfinished. Biden is the one who caused the damage, not Trump.

But the real reason he is quietly resuming the project? Republicans are shipping illegals to blue communities, plain and simple.

Biden was fine with the open border and unfinished wall when the illegals were just overrun Texas border towns. Or when he got to decide where these illegals went, bussing them to the interior of the country (where they could alter voting demographics over time).

But it seems the administration doesn’t appreciate the mayors of New York and Chicago complaining about a few hundred illegal immigrants being bussed from Texas. And it really must have gotten an earful from the rich elitists on Martha’s Vineyard–after they bused those 50 illegals off the island.

This is not a coincidence. Biden is only resuming Trump’s border project because he can’t ignore the border anymore. Republicans will continue to make the unprotected border Democrats’ problems until the crisis is over.

That means the wall is going up.

Author: Bo Dogan


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