Monday, October 4, 2021

URGENT Information Please read and take action IMMEDIATELY

 Submitted  by: N Cryots via BobJen

URGENT Information Please read and take action IMMEDIATELY 

Urgent news, Tell ALL U KNOW in LA Business to call LA CITY Council
members to voice opposition to this ordinance they will enact on Nov 4,
for businesses being required to check covid ID Cards of all your
customers or pay penalties! It’s hard enough to run a business & collect
& pay taxes for city salaries & permits, let alone becoming a Covid cop.
If you have had Enough get involved now!
This proposed vaccine ID checking ordinance will apply to ANY indoor:
restaurants that serve food or beverages including fast food, coffee
shops, bars and wineries, plus fitness studios and gyms, including yoga
classes,  dance classes,  boxing,  gyms, entertainment and recreation
venues ie, movie theaters, concert venues, museums, bowling
alleys,  malls & basically anything to do indoors! Nail salons, hair
salons, tanning salons, tattoo parlors, all fall under professional care
establishments and  included in this proposed ordinance! Please copy and
share this serious info to encourage ALL to call LA city Council at this
phone number
Call LA CITY COUNCIL main # AT: 213-473-7001, then 02,03, up to 15 all
the different offices. Staffers are keeping track of calls. Share this
info and call now.
Thank you, Joe Lisuzzo

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