Monday, October 4, 2021


 Submitted by: Craig Maus

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My Daughter held the line to the very end refusing to take the Jab.

But then the Last Day came & unless she yielded, she would be FIRED!

Here is her reply (BELOW) to her colleagues, and some of their replies to her as they are now without a JOB because of the JAB!


Half of this Country has bought into Socialism.

Better get your heads around this fact America!


While we were out fighting one of many of Washington’s Wars abroad to prevent such from ever finding its way into America,

“Those People” in Washington were setting us up to create the very thing we were fighting to prevent!


Simultaneously, they were busy skewing the Educational System thru their National Education Department

Institutionalizing our kids resulting in the WOKE environment they now support because they were NEVER TAUGHT ANYTHING about

the atrocities that come from this ‘ALTERNATE SYSTEM’ we fought to prevent!


Add it ALL UP over the multiple decades that have passed, particularly since the 1960’s as our Confederate Society has suggested, and what has OCCURRED as we said would occur in 1992 when we formed, that---

Most of you dismissed out of hand without ever once listening to the Dots we had Connected

Thinking we were simply NUTS…

and now y’all are fighting for your very existence!


We WARNED YOU, Our FOUNDERS WARNED YOU and our Declaration represented the Language that also WARNED YOU but…

Many thought the Government knew best and stuck their heads in the ground finding it easier to look the other way as

The Politburo on the Potomac was building their Political WALL around us ALL.


America can ONLY be SAVED if WE SEPARATE!


The time for Talk is OVER.

The longer we TALK, the more time becomes available for the Marxists in Government to put another Nail in our Coffin who have


THAT THEY FORMERLY DENIED WITH A ‘WINK & a Grin’ when they were saying otherwise.


In short, we are in as stated before, the

Non-Shooting Faze of a Civil War that WILL, NOT IF, TURN HOT SOON

If in we do NOT use our Numerical Superiority to FIGHT BACK NOW!


Washington is a JOKE!

We know that!

But it is a JOKE in which they hold the Mantle of Power and these

Totalitarian Bastards fully intend on using it to the EXTREME!



Washington makes King George look like an amateur.

The Enemy from Within is MOST REAL & the Founders told us what we have the Right to Do & Must Do

Should Government ever become what they knew they were more than capable of!


Like we Confederates,

The FOUNDERS NEVER TRUSTED Government and now the Question is….


Do YOU want to Live Free or DIE?


Deo Vindice,

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America

Deo Vindice!




“This is for all my DOE friends that AREN’T going back to work anymore because they Held the Line!

I admire you all for Fighting for your rights & standing up to the Big Bullies in Government!

You are True Americans!

I’m ashamed for giving in.

I hope you guys pull out a win for us all!”


From Andrea:

“Don’t be ashamed. You are still an American loving person- unfortunately you can’t afford to lose your job.

You just have to Fight in a different way!

Don’t be Silent!

Let your voice be heard.”


From Kate:

“You did what you needed to do for your Family.

Never be ashamed of that!

I feel sorry that it was Forced upon you & that you even had to make that choice.”


From Christine:

“Don’t be ashamed.

They backed everyone into a corner & forced you to do what you didn’t want to do.

You have to do what they Demand because of your Family!”

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