Sunday, October 3, 2021



The enemies of law and order, who hate the police, are winning.

The proof is in the latest report of the FBI, showing murder rates rose almost 30% during last year’s anti-police frenzy.

You and I are not surprised that after the media and politicians led the way in demonizing the police, demanding that they be abolished or defunded, and threatening prosecutions, criminals found it much easier to operate.

And even the liberal Washington Post has reported that the anti-police environment was a cause of the surge in murders.  They called it a “police legitimacy crisis”, but we know it was really a calculated effort by the far left to delegitimize the police.

A few atypical incidents were used to create the impression that police brutality was common practice.  There was an attempt to brainwash Americans into believing that our police were roaming the streets, eagerly looking for innocent, unarmed black men to shoot down.

And that brainwashing was partly effective.  Some Americans were fooled.

But now, as violent crime keeps going up and up, many Americans are beginning to doubt the anti-police propaganda.

In some cities, even liberal politicians are starting to talk about the need for more police, not fewer.

We have an opportunity to turn the tide.

We can shift the momentum in favor of the police by making our voices heard, both locally and in state capitals.

That is why I hope that you will go to our legislative action center and send an email to your state legislators, telling them that you support our police.

You can go to the legislative action center by clicking here.

This is the moment to put an end to the “defund the police” nonsense.  Even many liberals understand that we cannot allow the murder rate to continue to rise.

So please take action today.  Tell your state legislators to support our police.



Peter Thomas

Peter J. Thomas
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus



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