Sunday, October 3, 2021

First US Lab Exposes Their Findings In “Vaccine” Vials – It’s Deadly!

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First US Lab Exposes Their Findings In “Vaccine” Vials – It’s Deadly! (Video)


  Tim Brown 


Following the revelation from several doctors and scientists internationally, the first US lab has examined the experimental COVID vials and what was discovered has literally shook the doctor that examined the poison cocktail.

Dr. Carrie Madej revealed her findings on the Stew Peters show this week after examining both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson shots.

What she revealed is absolutely frightening and on top of that these poisons should be considered as a murder weapon, not just a bio-weapon, and these companies are knowingly putting them out for the public to inject into their bodies knowing there are going to be deaths and injuries from it, but the mantra continues from their accomplices in the Mockingbird media, “Safe and effective.”

Take a look.

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Dr. Madej warned about these shots last year and has been relentlessly attacked in the media and by self-proclaimed “useful idiot” fact checkers, and what she pointed out then continues to be exposed on a daily basis.

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Dr. Jane Ruby also pointed out what various scientists and doctors have been seeing as well.

Many other doctors and medical professionals have spoken out on this deadly shot, including Dr. Sherri TenpennyKate ShemiraniDr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Kevin Corbett.


Additionally, medical professionals across the world spoke out in one voice to warn people about taking these shots.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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